Friday, December 23, 2005

The good ol' days SUCKED

I'm talking to my buddy Dan from work the other day (by buddy i mean person i usually can't stand but when I'm completely alone with him I'm forced to talk to him) he explained to me that my opinions were "wrong" and that as I grew older I would change and ya know become "conservative". After screaming at him "shut up FUCKER!" about five times we went back to regular arguing. He claims that the ol' days were so much better because people took responsibility for there actions like not getting abortions and raising their kids when they weren't ready and stuff, ya know all that good glorifying the past stuff. I thought to myself, was the past all that great that we should be glorifying it so much? What about slavery? segregation? sexism? Were these all good things that we should wish could still be happening? I think the answer is NO even to hardcore conservatives, which brings me to my point, the past isn't perfect so stop living in it. When you look at the present with feelings of loath your probably just comparing it to a stupid glorified version of the past. Don't forget that humans are usually looking for happy circumstances and when making memories you pretty much remember what you want to. Lets be honest marriage at 18 where the man takes control and the woman cleans the house and raises the kids, basically the man's servant sounds like a great idea but hey why don't we think about the woman's task in this? Not that the job of child rearing should be at all negated as being menial, the woman should have an equal chance of being the "breadwinner" or whatever she wants. Just because she gives birth to the child doesn't mean she has to raise it alone.

Basically when looking back at the family structure of the ol' days on the surfaceit looks great, no divorce, no question on who does what, but in most cases the women are getting shafted. I think the future although having its own flaws can only be considered a step in a continuous track toward a "perfect" civilization which is in my mentality a world of people who think for themselves but are willing to work together no matter who with, black, yellow, white, or red or any combinations, male female, transgender blah blah blah for the common good of the whole. Is it such an unrealistic dream folks? A world of people who looks past physical, emotional, and psycological differences and becomes a stable society and only want the best for itself? I think not, why fight? We all live on one planet, why divide it? why not share it? Its just god damn stupid!

My intoxication stands out in this post a bit...

America... FUCK YEAH!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Stupid people deserve to be rusty hooked.

This will be a short post, and the only purpose of it is to toot my own horn because that's what I like to do. Found this comment on ifilm as part of a forum on the Jon Stewart video when he verbally assaulted the hosts of crossfire. This jerk was bashing a previous authors post who claimed Jon Stewart was a "shining picture of what anarchy should be" I later came to a draw with someone arguing over the definition of an anarchist but that's less fun.

Apoc68 said: I agree with almost everything you said except for the ignorant title of your post. Anarchy? Jon Stewart is liberal, which supports a more powerful government. Was that just a typo?

Me: Apoc68 your comment is burning a whole in the side of my brain. Please don't ever wave the word ignorant around until you've done a little research, it makes you look, well, ignorant.
I think what the problem might be, is that you are confusing the liberal tag that has been given to democrats, with the liberal side of a much greater spectrum that incorporates anarchists, along with communists, and fascists on the other side. Yes the general consensus is that democrats want stronger government, but democrat ideals are about as liberal as Bill Gates is poor. Democrats and Republicans fight over a section of the spectrum that is almost negligible. Neither deserves a label of liberal or Conservative, they could form one party and just debate among themselves. Anywho don't jump to conclusions to say someone automatically wants a certain thing to happen simply because you feel that they fit neatly into a political party's agenda, the world doesn't work that way and never will.

haha im cool cuz i read books. *snort*giggle*snort*

P.S A rusty hook is when you stick your finger up your butt and then hook the inside of someones cheek with it.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Jesus loves the little children all the children of the world white and white, white and white...

Ever since I was a litlin I've been told by adults and most importantly my religion teachers that its not murder if you kill somebody in war, that its ok to kill for your country. Is it? I'm not trying to start a fight with the troops, well ya know if more of them refused to fight we might have to come up with new ways to settle arguments but that's just splitting hairs right? What I was saying though was, is it really ok to kill people for your country? Are the people that you are killing any less people? Do they not have families? Friends? Children? Don't they strive to live like everyone else? I fail to see a line, for those soldiers that are christian for instance, doesn't it seem suspicious to them that politicians get to make a decision on whether the 6th commandment is relevant or not? Maybe someday a president will tell me I no longer have to obey my father and mother. What it all comes down to is, any human life that is ended prematurely at the hands of another human is a tragedy, and until this gets realized this world is not going to work out.

There's another point I want to make, this one about my "superior" white race. I've noticed that just about every redneck piece of shit racist likes to point out that black have a higher murder rate than any other race. Since I just proved that killing in war is murder too (yes, PROVED mother fucker) I think that the white race might just possibly have a lead on the black race. Actually I'm pretty sure that if every black person in the world killed a person a day for the next 20 years they still wouldn't bypass the caucasian slaughter numbers. We're mean green killin' machines, but its ok when we do it.

Ya see how this works? White people don't commit murders because they get to make up the rules for what a murder is. As long as you declare war, or belong to the cia, or are friends with someone very important, or have a lot of money you can't commit murder. The people just died at your hands, but ummm.....its ok cause, it was a for a good cause. Amen to that my brothers, amen to that. The more people we kill today, the less people we have to deal with tomorrow!

Read this poem ---->America-Allen Ginsberg

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Guess who has all the answers! ME!!!

Ever since Bush started his war on 'Teer,' America has been going at it at the wrong way. When we went to Afghanistan we found some of those terrorist because we were able to take them by surprise, but not as many as we expected. Then we went to Iraq to get the 'dubya-em-deez'(weapons of mass distruction), but I think that was just a cover, I think the real reason we went to Iraq was that the terrorists escaped Afghanistan and went to Iraq and Bush just didn't want to admit that they were getting away. So once we went to Iraq the terrorists already knew that we were coming so they stole the the dubya-em-deez and ran out of Iraq too. This would explain why we havn't found any sign whatso ever of alqueda in Iraq or dubya-em-deez. Yeah so now we have some real danger on our hands, but its ok because I know what to do.

What we need to do is invade all the countries that they could hide in, at the same time. I'm thinking Syria, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia pretty much all those towelhead countries, and the ones with oil because im getting sick of being raped at the gas pump. Well were at it lets invade North Korea, and China, I don't think we can trust them anymore, Oh and Venezuela, and France because they're mean to our president. Yeah thats about all, if we invade all these countries at the same time the terrorists won't have anywhere to run, we'll get 'em!

Now I know what you're thinking, 'i would love to invade all these countries but we don't have enough people in the military now to stay in Iraq safely, how can we invade all these other countries?' Thats just stupid, the only reason we have shortages in the military is because we haven't used the draft yet. There's 250 or so million people in America, and if you take out the elderly, the babies and the rich you still have a good 100 mill to go to war with, it worked in the old days, why can't it now? This is America! We stand for freedom, and its our duty to liberate these people from the terrorists that are in their countries! Even if we have to liberate them to death, atleast they're free!

I'm proud to be and American, where atleast I know I'm free, and I won't forget the men who've died to give that right to me, and I'd gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today, cuz there aint no doubt I love this land, GOD BLESS THE USA!!!

P.S fuck you Bush, Cheney, most of the democratic party, almost all of the republican party, Pat Robertson, and Ann Coulter (haha warartist you have me on a tangent), among others.

Friday, November 04, 2005

America:Making people hate us one forced feeding tube at a time.

I can't take this anymore, how could there possibly be a debate in 2005 about whether prisoners of war held by the US should be tortured? We're not even trying to look like we give a shit about human beings any more we blatantly just say that we like to kick the shit out of everyone weaker than us, kick them when they're down, and then when they're die spit on their bodies.

The house passed a bill last fucking month that would have protected POW's in US prisons from torture, now the fucking republicans are freezing the house so that the bill that its attached to won't get passed. On top of this the white house has already pledged to veto it, on what grounds you ask? "it would restrict the president's ability to fight terrorism and protect the country" FUCK YOU! How can human beings not care about other human beings? Ok they look different, we got that already, GET OVER IT! I want to rip out so many hearts right now with my bare hands. I feel so bad for these people, its not fucking right, criminals or not they deserve a trial, decent conditions and they shouldn't have fucking feeding tubes shoved up their noses that haven't been washed since they were shoved in someone else's nose! (allegedly)

As for the white house's stupid reason that it will not allow us to protect our county from terrorists, I offer this. Beating the shit out of the people that hate us only makes them hate us more, now they will just try harder to kill us, thanks.

How about the rules of the Geneva Convention? America hated the Vietnamese because they didn't follow them when we invaded them. Now America can't even show that respect, whatever fuck this, I hate my country blah blah blah if Hitler was around he'd be so amazed at Bush he'd probably suck his dick.

If it makes any difference Arab world, I care.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm being watched, I'm being watched by the CIA

So awhile ago I wrote a blog about how much I hated the Patriot Act and that still stands, but yesterday I finished up my 6 page report on the workings and opinions with some additional supporting facts. Now I could post the whole thing, but lets be honest, nobodys going to get passed the first couple of lines because you have short attention spans. Instead I'm just going to post my conclusion, its the best part anyways. Oh you may have noticed that I've changed my point of view on the acts a little bit, deal with it, It'll probably happen again anyways. Most of the points of my old article still stand though, just not my conclusion.

The Patriot Act is a highly controversial set of laws not only because of it's own doing, but because of an underlying schism that has been in America since its own beginning. Since America was built on an idea of freedom, explained relatively vaguely in the Bill of Rights, citizens of different points of view have opposing ideas about where the limit should be between freedom and safety.
There are those who strive for their individual freedom more, who are willing to trade in security for their freedom while there are others who would much rather trade some of their freedoms so that their government can protect them better. I fall in with the former category the best but not whole-heartedly, in my point of view I would rather take my chances with terrorists than have to fear the people who are supposed to be protecting me. At the same time however I am plagued by the thought that even if total freedom were given, it would still be hard to practice that freedom in a world without order. Compassionate anarchists can say what they want about the centrally good nature of people, there are always going to be some people that want to hurt or at least take advantage of people weaker then themselves. I also have to take into consideration the feelings of my close friends and family, and how I would feel if any of them were hurt in a terrorist attack.

With these thoughts in mind to me it becomes apparent that the system of investigation before the 9/11 attacks was flawed and a repair on that system was needed. The Patriot Act however has gone to far, it has broken too many freedoms that Americans have held to so tightly since the establishment of the Constitution. We only need to look back to the Alien and Sedition acts of 1917, and McCarthyism to see what happens when the government attains to much power and oversteps its boundaries. The Patriot Act should not be repealed in its entirety, its purpose is clear, the intelligence institution in this country needed to be re-examined. Instead we need to build in new limitations in the law so that America can continue with what it was built on, Civil Liberties.
That's probably the nicest post that I'll ever put up here, enjoy it I'll be back to my old self soon.

PS -Read this money for Katria recover coming out of welfare, its ridiculously biased but it has some huge relevance, and its disgusting.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

God doesn't like murderers, Mr. President.

Since Sandra Day O'Connor retired and then quickly after Rehnquist died I have been pretty worried about Bush getting his pick at filling the supreme court. It has been the fear after all of the left side since last years elections. The supreme court scares the hell out of me because they hold so much power, and are appointed FOR LIFE. For fucking life, which means if the country changes its views on something and the supreme court doesn't well the law stays the same. Its just plain scary, Bush gets to make more decisions that effect our lives, Bush, the man that has proven over and over that his DNA is even more than 98 percent similar to monkeys. He choked on a fucking pretzel and almost died for christs sake! He fucking started a war with a country, just for fun! (add others as you please, theres many choices)

So he picked Roberts, didn't seem like a big surprise, little curious about his appointment to the head justice position though, shouldn't that be a seat reserved for say...someone who has actually been in the supreme court before? Did Georgey think about this at all? Or does he just think that's how the world works because he is used to just cutting in and getting everything he wants? But Roberts seems to be the normal run of the mill, "school used to be so much better when we prayed" "church should secretly be the center of everything" conservative, that will inevitably ruin the world for any of us that like to think outside of the christian bible every once in awhile.

Harriet Miers' appointment however is just throwing me for such a curve, I don't even know where to start. First of all, and this is probably going to weaken any argument I have hereafter, Miers is quite possibly the ugliest woman I have ever seen in my life. I am more attracted to your dog than I am to her. But that's just way off the point. As if George wasn't under enough criticism for appointed his buddies to government jobs while pushing qualified individuals out, he appoints his personal lawyer/campaign funder/buttbuddy to the supreme court. No one has ever heard of her, she has never been a judge. Other than being on a council in texas, a lawyer, and most importantly the lottery commissioner (can you say head of the arabian horse association?) she is no more qualified than I am, to be on the Supreme Court. I suppose that one good thing that could come out of her nomination is that she doesn't seem like she'll be a fucking Nazi like scalia, but she has still worked on some legal disputes as a pro-life supporter.

No matter what, with bushy at the wheel of this thing, we're all fucked, fucked fucked fucked. He's made the world hate us more, and laugh at us more. He's tearing us apart, and he doesn't care because he can't get elected again anyways. I can only hope that by the time our kids are in high school they'll be saying prayers every day, living the close-minded nationalist good-life, while training to be good soldiers to hold down all the good people.

Mr. George Bush would you please just stop the insanity?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Have you peed on a poor person yet today?

The way our economics in the good ol' U.S of A work I'm surprised we don't just publicly sodomize the poor. Or better yet we can just re-instate slavery for anyone under a certain net worth. I just don't get it.

Truthout has an article about how the house republicans are still planning to extend the presidents tax cuts through 2010 even after the Katrina disaster. The Democrats have scrutinized them stating that with the price of rebuilding there is a huge strain on the economy and maybe tax cuts arn't really a good idea. The republicans response: oh to the contrary this is a great time to cut taxes to "stimulate the economy". This is great shit....these tax cuts which have been long known to benefit the rich the most, don't seem to be doing anything to the economy. We keep giving money back to the rich in this "filter down" economic system and its not doing a god damn thing! For christ sake the tax cuts have been in effect since 2003, do you see the economy doing any better? All we can talk about is how we don't have enough money for social security! Here's a fucking idea you douche bag politicians, instead of feeding us bullshit about privatizing our much needed social security, STOP GIVING THE FUCKING MONEY TO THE RICH! Its not that fucking difficult to comprehend, you're taking money away from people who need it, and giving it to people who have so much they lose track of it. Besides social security just imagine the fun things we could do if the government wasn't broke, like ooh say universal health care....better educational systems, scholarships. But lets be honest those stupid rich bitches that they show on mtv, vh1, E, need a couple more new cars for their 16th birthdays even if one of those cars takes away the money from a child that needs heart surgery.

they've cut welfare programs, raised the age of social security, now bankruptcy is going to become more difficult, all these programs are made by the rich to hurt the poor. why don't they just spay and neuter them too....oooh wait that would be counter productive cuz who would clean the pools, mow the lawns, build the houses....yeah they'll just keep peeing on them.

What do you think your leaders mean
destroying the world of today
It means that they dont really give a damn
all they care about is theyre greed
spending money on bombs and guns
more than on the human race
but who are the ones that have to pay
disease and starvation they create

Monday, September 05, 2005


If i could fucking change my skin tone to black right now i would fucking do it. I no longer want to be part of this fucking hypocritical,oppressive, hating race. Katrina has brought out the worst in every racist white person, why didn't those niggers leave? Theyre just unruley by nature! They should leave all those niggers down there to fend for themselves, they deserve it! Black people just hafta pull the race card on everything!

Let me just make this one point, which i know no one cares about because "it was a long time ago and they should get over it"

Your clean white, pure, beautiful race has been maturing and developing for thousands of years uninterupted. Blacks however had a cute little 200 year period of "interuption" that we like to call "slavery". They were captured like ANIMALS brought to this country and forced to work for absolutly no pay what-so-ever. Restricted from any education and tought that they were nothing! Do you really think that the consecunces of something like that just disappear in one fucking generation? On top of this, when good ole Abe lincoln, freed the slaves, he made no provisions to help them, just GO FREE. They had no money, no education, no friends that could help them, and had to deal with all of the whites that still hated them. A hatred that was actually legal until the 1960's, for those of you bad at math, thats over another hundred years of legal oppression. Now after the 1960's racism officially became "illegal" but if we think that stopped us then were just stupid arnt we because theirs still redneck white trash pieces of shit all over the world who hate blacks because they have a different skin color than whites. So for those of you keeping track thatsfar more than three hundred years of oppression just in this country, if this happened to white people, dont you think it might break our spirits a little too? In return we give them "affirmative action" but does that really make up for hundreds of years of oppression? Can we really expect them to be just like us? Why would they want to be like us? We fucking suck! We oppress them! I fucking hate myself just for being the same color as you racists.

Hitler didnt kill anyone himself either, but look what his propaganda did.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Why I Hate the Human Race

*Disclaimer* I wrote this quite awhile ago, and its not very good. Feel free to give it a read, it pertains to snafu called the American response to Hurricane Katrina. I write this disclaimer because the search term "I hate the human race" is surprisingly popular (should we be worried?) and is the most popular search reaching this blog. I would get rid of this particular entry out of embarrassment but it would be at the detriment of traffic which is meager at best. So please take a look around, there are much better entries here especially the newer ones. Thanks, TCR

This whole Katina thing is just pissing me off to no end. Everyone involved in it are just pissing me off. GAAAA.
1. Can someone tell me why this city was build below sea level please? Ive heard the arguments that it was first settled 200 years ago and blah blah blah built up over time but no one seems to get passed this one point....If you have to run pumps everyday to keep water out so that you can build, what happens if those pumps fail? WELL we found out, the entire city was destroyed, good job nice little brain fart that killed thousands.

2. Here's another one, why were the levees only built to withstand a category 3? Obviously we know category 5's are possible, and its in a hurricane prominent area, seems like we should have built them a little stronger. I did a little reading and i found out why! Guess where president Bushywooshy put the money that was supposed to upgrade the levees! Just guess! Where does all are money and young, poor people go? IRAQ yup. Need i go further?

3. There are two groups in this world that we are in touch with every day in our lives that i don't trust at all. The government, and the media. Now that's all fine and dandy (well not really) until they make contradicting statements. The media shows pictures of starving people, no order, complete chaos. FEMA says that its all a big lie, there's 7000 troops in the area, there's food and water everywhere and the recovery effort is well underway! Who am i supposed to believe? who is trying to deceive me?

4. I hate racism! Every god damn time a black person is shown on TV i hear someone say something about them being bad, worthless, never working, niggers.... what the christ? when are people going to open there eyes? Maybe the reason that the overwhelming majority of the people left in the town are black is because they are the impoverished class and didn't have the luxury of jumping in a car and leaving town when the evacuation orders were made. Why must we so quickly jump to the conclusion that they are just ignorant and rebellious and worthless and a nuisance?

5.If by chance the media is telling the truth and its the government is lying, why is it taking so long to get relief to our own country. When the the tsunami hit India we were right there coordinating a relief effort for them, a relief effort that we don't even seem to be able to do in our own country. Our military should be trained more so in relief efforts than in war anyways, but lets not get into that right now.

6.Lastly i would like to take take a swing at the lower class, the class that i usually stand up for completely. Why must they be looting stores? First of all, the fucking vcrs are going to work, they've been under seawater! but most of all it angers me because there are people like me out there who want to give the lower class all the same rights as the middle and upper, an equal society. I know that they are angry and see the chance to get the things they want now, but it doesn't help in an argument that the poor should be given a better chance when they start going wild as soon as the law is taken away. I don't want them to act civilized or anything because that's really boring, but we all have to work together in this world, and firing a gun at a rescue helicopter and at rescuers is not working together. Besides the fact that is like biting the fucking hand that is feeding you!

Well that's enough for now, no ones gonna read it anyways.

kill, kill, die, die, death, death, suicide! why do you think those rates are so high?

Monday, August 29, 2005

Poo Poo on Mind control.

So little good can come from hurricane Katrina, well exept maybe the fact that the news has finally stopped their 24 hour coverage of that white girl that died in aruba. (I was more insensitive, I came back and changed this) I dont mean to be insensitive here but its ridiculous that in 2005 you still have to be rich and white to get on the fucking news. I ask people outright why they think this girl disappearing in Aruba is such a big deal and i get answers like "uhhh cuz its like in a different country" or "cuz she was on a school trip" Im pretty sure that if ya actually look into the disappearences of some of the minorities they would have equally strange occurences. No folks, the reason shes a big deal is because shes pretty, rich, and white. I mean for christs sake she was on a god damn school trip to ARUBA! I fucking hate the news, i dont even fucking watch it usually, but every time i catch a little of it in the lobby at school, or at the diner or suttin im just pissed off. Why the fuck does america need to see (repeatedly) footage of jap (jewish american princess for those of you stuck in the 20th century hehe) girl cheerleading or some shit?

now i was reading about a girl who had been missing for like 2 or 3 weeks in florida, she didnt get any publicity until her charred body was discovered in an abandoned refrigorator in the middle of a field. I wondered to myself why havnt i heard about her before this, shes been missing for weeks, then i saw her name Randazzo...that didnt sound very white, i understood then.

There was another article i was reading about this girl i dont remember it all that well it was a few months ago, but basically this non-white girl had been missing for over a year and her family had been calling all the major news stations every day trying to get them to pick up the story so that they could get the word out about the her. Repeatedly no one was interested. The first publicity that this girl got was the people writing an article like i am right now about how you have to be rich pretty and white to get on the news!

Ive just fucking had it, its the news, what the fuck?, i realize itll never be non-partial, but come on they gotta try a little harder than this!

so just as an FYI to everyone, non-white people do do other things besides roll with gangs, kill people and play basketball. Ferreal! With that said, try hunting around and gettin some real news, dont just swallow everything that cnn force feeds you. For every shark attack they report theres a much more important story thats being forgotten. Dont be fucking lazy america! Go here right now, what are you waiting for? click there! Now fucker! dont read any further! im warning you, one more word and ill kill your dog! He's fuckin dead!

Some day people will say "Do we have to live this way?" "Is this how we have to exist?" And the people will rise up, and resist!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

First Amendment Desecration Act of 2005

My mind is spinning right now. I like to keep up on what my good ol' congressman is doing sometimes and i found on his site that he is a strong supporter of the "flag protection act of 2005" I thought to myself, wow that is one of those things that makes my brain bleed when i think about it. The goal, not only in congress, but also in the senate is to make it illegal to "desecrate" the American flag. The same government that supports the burning of everything, coal, oil, gas, diesel, incriminating evidence about itself is trying to make a law which will put me in jail for 1-2 years for burning the flag!

What this whole flag argument comes down to is that the untrained mind is a very simple machine. Its very hard to take in all that this country has done and is doing to itself and to other countries. The untrained mind needs a simple object, something that it can relate everything to, a symbol. Now that wouldnt be so bad if that symbol continued to stand for everything that has and is happening, but it doesn't for most people, it becomes one sided. I feel that the government knows this and is using it to their own benefit. The american people are brainwashed every day into thinking that we are doing everything just right. By protecting the flag it turns the brainwashed against desentors and make an even more super-patriotic nation. A super-patriotic nation is a dangerous nation, because no one is there to keep it in check, it can run wild, and become uncontrolled. For instance starting wars in middle eastern countries for no good reason.

The following is taken directly from the wording of the bill traveling through the senate:(and why its wrong, at least by my standards)

a) FINDINGS- Congress finds that--
(1) the flag of the United States is a unique symbol of national unity and represents the values of liberty, justice, and equality that make this Nation an example of freedom unmatched throughout the world;
-forced unity through brainwashing, and while were talking about freedom, how about that first amendment that gives me the right to free speech and demonstation?

(2) the Bill of Rights is a guarantee of those freedoms and should not be amended in a manner that could be interpreted to restrict freedom, a course that is regularly resorted to by authoritarian governments which fear freedom and not by free and democratic nations;
-it says right there that the bill of rights shouldn't be amended to restrict freedom, if they take away flag burning whats next, protests? And while I'm at it, this democratic institution is afraid of freedom, and does want to limit it as much as possible.

(3) abuse of the flag of the United States causes more than pain and distress to the overwhelming majority of the American people and may amount to fighting words or a direct threat to the physical and emotional well-being of individuals at whom the threat is targeted;
-i can't even do this one, did a 4 year old's mom write this? fighting words?

(4) destruction of the flag of the United States can be intended to incite a violent response rather than make a political statement and such conduct is outside the protections afforded by the first amendment to the Constitution.
- "can be intended to incite" because someone at sometime might want to start a violent response by burning a flag, we need to make it an overall law. FUCK YOU

So basically what i want everyone to do is spread your asscheeks out a little, pull with your back until your head pops out, wipe the shit out of your eyes and realize with me that the flag can stand for what ever you want it to stand for. If it only stood for unity, freedom, and hope, no one in their right mind would every want to desecrate it. Unfortunatly it also stands for the hate, racism, imperialism, hunger, ignorance, non-unity, brainwashing, etc. What it comes down to people is that its a piece of cloth, nothing more nothing less, fight for what you beleive in, dont group a whole nation into a symbol, it doesnt fit.

Red, White, and Brainwashed.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


*I've since changed my mind completely on caring about the differenciation in common speech, but im not going to shoot myself*

So this blog honestly has no point other than that people annoy me with their ignorance. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret AMERICA is not, and will never ever be a DEMOCRACY. If this were a democracy, upon turning 18 and registering to vote we all would have recieved our invitations to go down to congressional hall for the open debates and votes. That shit doesnt happen. What we have is a REPUBLIC say it with me RE-PUB-LICK, yes thats what america is, we vote for people to make our decisions for us. Now that we are all informed i reserve the right to shoot anyone that says "americas great cuz its a democracy" or "we are spreading democracy to iraq." Now saying we are a republic is also slightly misleading i suppose. Ya see in theory the people who are voted into power by the citizens are suppose to represent the general wants of those citizens. This works really well in theory, but when put into practice corruption takes place and the politicians do what they want when they want and the citizens get to sit back and watch thier lives get stolen. If you ask me, its getting worse.

As a side note outside of our western cultures not everyone thinks that democracy is the best answer for one, the people of arab countries have a higher percentage of devout religions people in them, they beleive that the higher order comes from god and that putting the opinion of people over that of god is a sacralige, yes I'm talking about the people that we are forcing "democracy" on right now.

Yeah thats all over, but its okay, cuz "its a free country"

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Student Privacy Protection Act of 2005

Im going to use this post not so much to yell at everyone and make fun of you but ask for your help in something that seriously needs to be changed. If you look down there (little pointy downy arrow) at "ya gotta die, gotta die, gotta die for your government" you see me bitching about the 'no child left behind' legilation that secretly forces guidance councelors to give all the personal information of students to military recruiters. Well there is legislation out there now that if passed will replace the current program that you must "opt-out" of which most never find out about, with a program of mandatory informing from the school to the parents and students in which they would have to "opt-in" for their information to be shared. Lets remember that in high school we were basically at the will of everyone else, they can't vote so you can't help themselves, we need to help them. Write you congressperson and ask them to sponsor HR551 the Student Privacy Protection Act of 2005.

Theres information on what its all about here

If you don't know who your congressperson is go here

You should also check here to make sure your congressperson isn't already sponsoring this act.

If they havn't,write them a letter asking them to support the act because this privacy infringment is only going to get worse as we stay longer in Iraq and more people start hating the military. Fuck this war.

thank you.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

I want my drugs.

Little Johnny is 8 years old, he has cancer, his parents are poor and they can't afford the medication he needs to live. His mother breaks into a hospital to steal the medication for her son (yes i realize women can do courageous things too) and gets caught, arrested and put in jail. Now Johnny gets to die, without his mom.

Now as far as I know this story hasn't happened, but under the current economic system of America it very easily could. I find it extremely sad that the richest most powerful country in the world can let its lowest class starve and die without the medications they need and can not afford. How can we allow billions upon billions of dollars to be spend on the military while we still do not have a national system of health insurance, it makes no sense at all. So we have to tell Johnny that he has to die because america needs a new fleet of fighter jets? This country is a fucking embarrassment to me, i feel like if someone from another country were to ask me how we could do this to our poor id look down and start crying.

Everybody's in love with this capitalism “its what keeps this country going”but is it going? The rich run the country the way they want to while the poor suffer and starve... of course the president doesn't need health care hes a fucking millionaire. Congress voted themselves a great little retirement plan where they get 100% of their pay for the rest of their lives and they only have to serve one term to qualify. Simultaneously retired people around the country are eating actual kibbles and bits (dog food) because after they pay for their medications they can no longer afford to buy real food. These are the people who worked all their loves most of them also fighting for this country in those really cool wars that we love so much. We can't even take care of them.

Ask yourself this question, Is it right that a person's life expectancy in america is directly related to their net worth? Because it is.

Read the weakling's post right now, its a nice follow-up

"its a beautiful day for a bar-b-que...this time the hotdog is YOU"

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ya gotta die, gotta die, gotta die, for your government

America has to stop preying on the poor teenagers of this country, they have rights too. If it wern't bad enough that the "no child left behind"legislation was just a coverup for a large scale recruitment program which made it mandatory for guidance counclors to send all the personal records of teens 16 and older to the army recruitment centers. Now the government in cooperation with a third party corporation are creating a huge database of all the 16-18 year olds in the country. social security numbers, names, interests, plans of study, ethnicity all that great information that we like to call private being sent to the government so they can harass you to join their army and go kill yourself while killing innocent people.

ooh and lets not forget their great system of "ooh join our army and we'll pay for your college" so let me get this straight your bribing me to put my life in danger and to kill people, with a college education that i only need because of this stupid capitalistic system that makes me compete with my peers to make a living. That just sounds really fucked up to me...

ill join the army when the president of the united states and at least some of congress are fighting right beside me. and until then i vow to you mr. bush send me a draft card, and i will burn it, burn it like you are going to burn in hell for what you have done to the iraqi people while you tried to "liberate" them, or was it their oil?

Their system doesn't work for you.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


congratualations to the cia the fucking patriot acts are probably going to become almost completly permanent so i propose that instead of prying into every crevis of my life ill just keep you posted every second. right now im burning the american flag and then putting it out with my own urine. FUCK YOU! i wanna be free, where can i be free? america isn't free...

Monday, July 18, 2005

Your big truck doesnt make up for your small penis

Stop it with the fucking trucks and SUVs, JESUS CHRIST. i swear to god the next time i see a ford expedition pull into a parking lot, take up 3 fucking parking spots, carrying only a 100 pound woman driver im going to throw a fucking rock at her. It should be mandatory that if you are going to drive a big fucking wasteful piece of shit like that you should have to carry eight people in it at all times. What the fuck? Your eight cylinders are burning more gas while you leave your suv running in the driveway than my car uses driving to syracuse. "i feel safer in my big truck" well the rest of us would feel a lot safer if you'd get off the road with your huge bulldozer of a car.

I am just completly dumbfounded at the wastefulness of this country. In every other nation in the world the trend is towards more energy conserving methods of transportation, NOT here. Americans are so fucking smart let me tell you, now i wasnt born yet but i hear we had a little thing called a fuel shortage in the seventies where gas prices went crazy and there wasnt even enough to go around. Did we take this as a wake up call? NO, we continued to buy big ass gas guzzleing cars, and now that the price of gas is going crazy again its the same god damn people who went threw the shortage in the seventies that are complaining about the prices now when theyre filling up their huge SUVs! Most advanced nation in the world? No i think weve officially smoked ourselves retarded.

Why don't presidents fight the wars? Why do they always send the poor?


I am an adult therefore you are not higher then me! I don't care if you have 10 years of medical school under your belt or you are the president of the united states (hypothetically, if he was actually human) you are my peer and you have to fucking deal with that. If your name begins with a "DR." and i start it with an "MR." thats because unlike you i find you to be my peer. For the life of me i can not figure out how people who go to college manage to become "higher" in society than those that dont. We all work together in society, when were sick we have to go to the doctor which is a very important job. On the other hand if the garbage wasnt picked up, houses wernt built, roads wernt made, we'd all be kinda fucked eh??

If we dont agree with the Caste system in India we sure as hell better not have a system of hierarchy in America. We do not designate the people in power as being higher than us, they brainwash us into do so. STOP! Its just a way for them to control you, the ruling elite deserve no more respect than you deserve from them. They can only demand it as long as you give it to them.

Why doesnt Wal*mart sell upside down american flags?

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Homosexuality and Marriage

Why are gay people subjected to so much shit in this country and all over the world (basically). Homophobia...yeah so there's people out there that are AFRAID of gay people. Now they play off that they're big and tough, but they are afraid of these people who they claim are weak. Am i missing something? First of all I God damn well know at some point in every one of these assholes lives they have had a homosexual thought. But they are so fucking afraid of being gay that they want to condemn anyone who is, like its fucking contagious. People need to open their fucking eyes, no, its not contagious, really, I'd have it by now. People need to stop being so afraid of it, so what if you find out your gay, suppressing it isn't going to help, and hating everyone that is isn't suppressing it, isn't either.

I'm afraid of homophobes. Anyone who can hate the nicest group of people in society should be feared because well there's some serious issues going on there.

"the bible says you can't be gay" The section that everyone so lovingly brings up is from Leviticus, if you look a little deeper you can find some other rules from this section too. 1. It is a sin to eat pork. 2. It is perfectly acceptable to own slaves, as long as their from another country.3. You are not allowed to trim your hair or beard 4.You cant mix fabrics. After reading the rest of Leviticus it seems as tho this evidence is shot to hell. And how about that whole "love thy neighbor" thing, can we just forget about that because were doing "God's work"?

Many people will probably disagree with me, but i don't really care. Organized religion is the Antichrist. Yup, plain and simple. It breeds hate and ignorance. Isn't that exactly the opposite of your Jesus' teachings? Wasn't he a pacifist? Seems kinda ironic that more people have died in his name than for any other man who has ever lived, including Hitler...

Gay people should not be able to get married, and here is why I think that: churches are just not interested in marrying gays. So that just leaves the government to marry them, well the government shouldn't be able to marry anyone, marriage is a religion based institution therefore the government has no right sticking its nose in it. This is where civil unions come in, different name, same results, they are a legal contract between two individuals, not all that mushy kissing stuff. Married couples in the church apply for a civil unions from the government, therefore still receive all the benefits married couples receive now*.

**Update: I meant this more as a "best case scenario" as to how marriage legislation should work. However it would be much harder to completely change the law of civil marriage in order to create only Civil Unions in the eyes of the government than to just legalize gay marriage. In addition this would be a costly solution to a mostly aesthetic problem. In the real world I fully support the right for gay couples to be married.**

The problem of allowing Civil Unions according to the opponents is that it will cost us much more in taxes and social security if we widen the eligibility to support so many more people with social security and other federal benefits. Well gay couples should be allowed the same benefits I'll get if I ever get retarded and get "married", why not? If they're paying into the system they should get protected in the same way.

Jesus was a communist, Jesus was a Pacifist...

Friday, April 22, 2005

Open ass cheeks insert Patriot Act.

NO MORE DEAD....Civil Rights!

In 1798 a Federalist controlled congress created the Alien and Sedition acts under fears of a war with France. Upon study it also becomes apparent that the underlying reason for the acts was to silence the Republicans of the time.

This happened again in 1917 when another Sedition Act was passed at the head of the Red Scare, the beginning of Americans' phobia of communism. This act was underhandedly used to attack left wing radicals by J. Edgar Hoover.

In 1950 Joseph McCarthy used the intense fear during the cold war to begin his "witch-hunts" for communists within America, making people fear speaking their mind at all against the government. This was another attack on liberal thought against capitalism.

Who can look back on these awesome infringements on our civil rights and say, yes that was a good idea? So why did we allow it to happen again? With the establishment of the Patriot Act the legislature played on American fears yet again, to persuade us to give up so many civil rights. It was passed 45 days after the September 11th attacks, the easiest method of getting a bill passed through the legislature unopposed is through the use of fear. How else can you explain that 120,000 Japanese-Americans were arrested, had all of their possessions sold at a great loss and thrown into prison camps throughout the US during WWII?

Why would we trade our civil rights for safety? Why would you want to be safe from "terrorists" if you must fear your own government? I'd rather be blown away than not be allowed to tell Bush hes a fucking dick, and he should pull his head out of his holier-than-thou ass and stop fucking with us.

So we have this Patriot act, good name, I swear it sounds like its good for me, but I'm pretty sure it's not. It allows the CIA and FBI to search your library records, tap your phones, search your possessions, perform anal sex on your mom, and not even tell you for weeks or months afterward. It allows all this to occur with little or no judicial oversight! Some radical fucks actually wanted to take out the sunset clause which puts a time limitation on the acts! FASCIST FUCKS! When the Patriot act comes up for re-authorization, we need to get the power against it and get it voted down!

The president doesn't want you to misunderestimate him.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Get Your Jesus Off My Penis

That title isn't mine, its the name of song by Eric Schwartz about the separation of church and state. Don't get all mad about that title, I don't mean it literally, and if you hear me out you may even respect my opinion a little.

When the writers of the constitution sat down in that oh so hot room in the summer, heroically setting up this great government we have (Oh glamorized history!) they wrote in many different statements about the free practice of religion of choice, and the separation of the church and state. I've heard the arguments over and over that these people were primarily Christians and never meant what was written to be taken so literally, and that Christianity should be the religion of choice for America. I'm sorry but that just sounds like a crock of bullshit to me. As flawed as the constitution is, it is the one document that we must always look to when making decisions of rights and powers. Why did they say one thing and do another? That is a great question, which unfortunately will never be answered. As however always have to do what is written, this is a "do as i say, not as i do" situation.

Therefore I say again, Get your Jesus off my Penis! Do not make abortions illegal! If you do that it will just go back to the old coat hanger method anyways, which is just a bit more dangerous so then you have two deaths, mom and baby....hmmm! If you don't believe in abortion, don't have one, but leave me alone, I believe in a woman's right to choose. President Bush in his infinite wisdom is proclaiming that abstinence is the only way, that contraceptives are the devils work, and therefore we shouldn't even mention their use to teenagers. This is a great idea, tell teenagers not to have sex! While you're at it, tell them not to eat either, because you're gonna have about the same luck. Now they're still horny, and ill-informed, good way to release them into the world. The information is out there, the teaching of abstinence has an adverse effect on controlling STD's and unwanted pregnancies.

As for the other side, "my side" You people that are so preoccupied with removing every instance of god from anything governmental need to get a fucking hobby. If you don't believe in God but want to say the pledge, don't say that part, no one is going to kill you. If there's a set of ten commandments on the front of a courthouse, who the fuck cares, hey a good six of them aren't that bad anyways. If you're gonna start a federal case about something make it for something that is actually infringing on your rights, like if those courts are using the ten commandments in their decisions. Stop wasting everyone's time with your anal needs to have everything perfect and anti-God.

Don't blame me i voted for the lesser of the two assholes.