Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ya gotta die, gotta die, gotta die, for your government

America has to stop preying on the poor teenagers of this country, they have rights too. If it wern't bad enough that the "no child left behind"legislation was just a coverup for a large scale recruitment program which made it mandatory for guidance counclors to send all the personal records of teens 16 and older to the army recruitment centers. Now the government in cooperation with a third party corporation are creating a huge database of all the 16-18 year olds in the country. social security numbers, names, interests, plans of study, ethnicity all that great information that we like to call private being sent to the government so they can harass you to join their army and go kill yourself while killing innocent people.

ooh and lets not forget their great system of "ooh join our army and we'll pay for your college" so let me get this straight your bribing me to put my life in danger and to kill people, with a college education that i only need because of this stupid capitalistic system that makes me compete with my peers to make a living. That just sounds really fucked up to me...

ill join the army when the president of the united states and at least some of congress are fighting right beside me. and until then i vow to you mr. bush send me a draft card, and i will burn it, burn it like you are going to burn in hell for what you have done to the iraqi people while you tried to "liberate" them, or was it their oil?

Their system doesn't work for you.


miseryhead said...

your knowledge of the government impresses me, and your viewpoints are quite valid in my opinion- you kick ass teddy!

Tyne said...

i'm impressed toooooo

me likey.