Friday, September 16, 2005

Have you peed on a poor person yet today?

The way our economics in the good ol' U.S of A work I'm surprised we don't just publicly sodomize the poor. Or better yet we can just re-instate slavery for anyone under a certain net worth. I just don't get it.

Truthout has an article about how the house republicans are still planning to extend the presidents tax cuts through 2010 even after the Katrina disaster. The Democrats have scrutinized them stating that with the price of rebuilding there is a huge strain on the economy and maybe tax cuts arn't really a good idea. The republicans response: oh to the contrary this is a great time to cut taxes to "stimulate the economy". This is great shit....these tax cuts which have been long known to benefit the rich the most, don't seem to be doing anything to the economy. We keep giving money back to the rich in this "filter down" economic system and its not doing a god damn thing! For christ sake the tax cuts have been in effect since 2003, do you see the economy doing any better? All we can talk about is how we don't have enough money for social security! Here's a fucking idea you douche bag politicians, instead of feeding us bullshit about privatizing our much needed social security, STOP GIVING THE FUCKING MONEY TO THE RICH! Its not that fucking difficult to comprehend, you're taking money away from people who need it, and giving it to people who have so much they lose track of it. Besides social security just imagine the fun things we could do if the government wasn't broke, like ooh say universal health care....better educational systems, scholarships. But lets be honest those stupid rich bitches that they show on mtv, vh1, E, need a couple more new cars for their 16th birthdays even if one of those cars takes away the money from a child that needs heart surgery.

they've cut welfare programs, raised the age of social security, now bankruptcy is going to become more difficult, all these programs are made by the rich to hurt the poor. why don't they just spay and neuter them too....oooh wait that would be counter productive cuz who would clean the pools, mow the lawns, build the houses....yeah they'll just keep peeing on them.

What do you think your leaders mean
destroying the world of today
It means that they dont really give a damn
all they care about is theyre greed
spending money on bombs and guns
more than on the human race
but who are the ones that have to pay
disease and starvation they create

Monday, September 05, 2005


If i could fucking change my skin tone to black right now i would fucking do it. I no longer want to be part of this fucking hypocritical,oppressive, hating race. Katrina has brought out the worst in every racist white person, why didn't those niggers leave? Theyre just unruley by nature! They should leave all those niggers down there to fend for themselves, they deserve it! Black people just hafta pull the race card on everything!

Let me just make this one point, which i know no one cares about because "it was a long time ago and they should get over it"

Your clean white, pure, beautiful race has been maturing and developing for thousands of years uninterupted. Blacks however had a cute little 200 year period of "interuption" that we like to call "slavery". They were captured like ANIMALS brought to this country and forced to work for absolutly no pay what-so-ever. Restricted from any education and tought that they were nothing! Do you really think that the consecunces of something like that just disappear in one fucking generation? On top of this, when good ole Abe lincoln, freed the slaves, he made no provisions to help them, just GO FREE. They had no money, no education, no friends that could help them, and had to deal with all of the whites that still hated them. A hatred that was actually legal until the 1960's, for those of you bad at math, thats over another hundred years of legal oppression. Now after the 1960's racism officially became "illegal" but if we think that stopped us then were just stupid arnt we because theirs still redneck white trash pieces of shit all over the world who hate blacks because they have a different skin color than whites. So for those of you keeping track thatsfar more than three hundred years of oppression just in this country, if this happened to white people, dont you think it might break our spirits a little too? In return we give them "affirmative action" but does that really make up for hundreds of years of oppression? Can we really expect them to be just like us? Why would they want to be like us? We fucking suck! We oppress them! I fucking hate myself just for being the same color as you racists.

Hitler didnt kill anyone himself either, but look what his propaganda did.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Why I Hate the Human Race

*Disclaimer* I wrote this quite awhile ago, and its not very good. Feel free to give it a read, it pertains to snafu called the American response to Hurricane Katrina. I write this disclaimer because the search term "I hate the human race" is surprisingly popular (should we be worried?) and is the most popular search reaching this blog. I would get rid of this particular entry out of embarrassment but it would be at the detriment of traffic which is meager at best. So please take a look around, there are much better entries here especially the newer ones. Thanks, TCR

This whole Katina thing is just pissing me off to no end. Everyone involved in it are just pissing me off. GAAAA.
1. Can someone tell me why this city was build below sea level please? Ive heard the arguments that it was first settled 200 years ago and blah blah blah built up over time but no one seems to get passed this one point....If you have to run pumps everyday to keep water out so that you can build, what happens if those pumps fail? WELL we found out, the entire city was destroyed, good job nice little brain fart that killed thousands.

2. Here's another one, why were the levees only built to withstand a category 3? Obviously we know category 5's are possible, and its in a hurricane prominent area, seems like we should have built them a little stronger. I did a little reading and i found out why! Guess where president Bushywooshy put the money that was supposed to upgrade the levees! Just guess! Where does all are money and young, poor people go? IRAQ yup. Need i go further?

3. There are two groups in this world that we are in touch with every day in our lives that i don't trust at all. The government, and the media. Now that's all fine and dandy (well not really) until they make contradicting statements. The media shows pictures of starving people, no order, complete chaos. FEMA says that its all a big lie, there's 7000 troops in the area, there's food and water everywhere and the recovery effort is well underway! Who am i supposed to believe? who is trying to deceive me?

4. I hate racism! Every god damn time a black person is shown on TV i hear someone say something about them being bad, worthless, never working, niggers.... what the christ? when are people going to open there eyes? Maybe the reason that the overwhelming majority of the people left in the town are black is because they are the impoverished class and didn't have the luxury of jumping in a car and leaving town when the evacuation orders were made. Why must we so quickly jump to the conclusion that they are just ignorant and rebellious and worthless and a nuisance?

5.If by chance the media is telling the truth and its the government is lying, why is it taking so long to get relief to our own country. When the the tsunami hit India we were right there coordinating a relief effort for them, a relief effort that we don't even seem to be able to do in our own country. Our military should be trained more so in relief efforts than in war anyways, but lets not get into that right now.

6.Lastly i would like to take take a swing at the lower class, the class that i usually stand up for completely. Why must they be looting stores? First of all, the fucking vcrs are going to work, they've been under seawater! but most of all it angers me because there are people like me out there who want to give the lower class all the same rights as the middle and upper, an equal society. I know that they are angry and see the chance to get the things they want now, but it doesn't help in an argument that the poor should be given a better chance when they start going wild as soon as the law is taken away. I don't want them to act civilized or anything because that's really boring, but we all have to work together in this world, and firing a gun at a rescue helicopter and at rescuers is not working together. Besides the fact that is like biting the fucking hand that is feeding you!

Well that's enough for now, no ones gonna read it anyways.

kill, kill, die, die, death, death, suicide! why do you think those rates are so high?