Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm being watched, I'm being watched by the CIA

So awhile ago I wrote a blog about how much I hated the Patriot Act and that still stands, but yesterday I finished up my 6 page report on the workings and opinions with some additional supporting facts. Now I could post the whole thing, but lets be honest, nobodys going to get passed the first couple of lines because you have short attention spans. Instead I'm just going to post my conclusion, its the best part anyways. Oh you may have noticed that I've changed my point of view on the acts a little bit, deal with it, It'll probably happen again anyways. Most of the points of my old article still stand though, just not my conclusion.

The Patriot Act is a highly controversial set of laws not only because of it's own doing, but because of an underlying schism that has been in America since its own beginning. Since America was built on an idea of freedom, explained relatively vaguely in the Bill of Rights, citizens of different points of view have opposing ideas about where the limit should be between freedom and safety.
There are those who strive for their individual freedom more, who are willing to trade in security for their freedom while there are others who would much rather trade some of their freedoms so that their government can protect them better. I fall in with the former category the best but not whole-heartedly, in my point of view I would rather take my chances with terrorists than have to fear the people who are supposed to be protecting me. At the same time however I am plagued by the thought that even if total freedom were given, it would still be hard to practice that freedom in a world without order. Compassionate anarchists can say what they want about the centrally good nature of people, there are always going to be some people that want to hurt or at least take advantage of people weaker then themselves. I also have to take into consideration the feelings of my close friends and family, and how I would feel if any of them were hurt in a terrorist attack.

With these thoughts in mind to me it becomes apparent that the system of investigation before the 9/11 attacks was flawed and a repair on that system was needed. The Patriot Act however has gone to far, it has broken too many freedoms that Americans have held to so tightly since the establishment of the Constitution. We only need to look back to the Alien and Sedition acts of 1917, and McCarthyism to see what happens when the government attains to much power and oversteps its boundaries. The Patriot Act should not be repealed in its entirety, its purpose is clear, the intelligence institution in this country needed to be re-examined. Instead we need to build in new limitations in the law so that America can continue with what it was built on, Civil Liberties.
That's probably the nicest post that I'll ever put up here, enjoy it I'll be back to my old self soon.

PS -Read this money for Katria recover coming out of welfare, its ridiculously biased but it has some huge relevance, and its disgusting.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

God doesn't like murderers, Mr. President.

Since Sandra Day O'Connor retired and then quickly after Rehnquist died I have been pretty worried about Bush getting his pick at filling the supreme court. It has been the fear after all of the left side since last years elections. The supreme court scares the hell out of me because they hold so much power, and are appointed FOR LIFE. For fucking life, which means if the country changes its views on something and the supreme court doesn't well the law stays the same. Its just plain scary, Bush gets to make more decisions that effect our lives, Bush, the man that has proven over and over that his DNA is even more than 98 percent similar to monkeys. He choked on a fucking pretzel and almost died for christs sake! He fucking started a war with a country, just for fun! (add others as you please, theres many choices)

So he picked Roberts, didn't seem like a big surprise, little curious about his appointment to the head justice position though, shouldn't that be a seat reserved for say...someone who has actually been in the supreme court before? Did Georgey think about this at all? Or does he just think that's how the world works because he is used to just cutting in and getting everything he wants? But Roberts seems to be the normal run of the mill, "school used to be so much better when we prayed" "church should secretly be the center of everything" conservative, that will inevitably ruin the world for any of us that like to think outside of the christian bible every once in awhile.

Harriet Miers' appointment however is just throwing me for such a curve, I don't even know where to start. First of all, and this is probably going to weaken any argument I have hereafter, Miers is quite possibly the ugliest woman I have ever seen in my life. I am more attracted to your dog than I am to her. But that's just way off the point. As if George wasn't under enough criticism for appointed his buddies to government jobs while pushing qualified individuals out, he appoints his personal lawyer/campaign funder/buttbuddy to the supreme court. No one has ever heard of her, she has never been a judge. Other than being on a council in texas, a lawyer, and most importantly the lottery commissioner (can you say head of the arabian horse association?) she is no more qualified than I am, to be on the Supreme Court. I suppose that one good thing that could come out of her nomination is that she doesn't seem like she'll be a fucking Nazi like scalia, but she has still worked on some legal disputes as a pro-life supporter.

No matter what, with bushy at the wheel of this thing, we're all fucked, fucked fucked fucked. He's made the world hate us more, and laugh at us more. He's tearing us apart, and he doesn't care because he can't get elected again anyways. I can only hope that by the time our kids are in high school they'll be saying prayers every day, living the close-minded nationalist good-life, while training to be good soldiers to hold down all the good people.

Mr. George Bush would you please just stop the insanity?