Friday, September 16, 2005

Have you peed on a poor person yet today?

The way our economics in the good ol' U.S of A work I'm surprised we don't just publicly sodomize the poor. Or better yet we can just re-instate slavery for anyone under a certain net worth. I just don't get it.

Truthout has an article about how the house republicans are still planning to extend the presidents tax cuts through 2010 even after the Katrina disaster. The Democrats have scrutinized them stating that with the price of rebuilding there is a huge strain on the economy and maybe tax cuts arn't really a good idea. The republicans response: oh to the contrary this is a great time to cut taxes to "stimulate the economy". This is great shit....these tax cuts which have been long known to benefit the rich the most, don't seem to be doing anything to the economy. We keep giving money back to the rich in this "filter down" economic system and its not doing a god damn thing! For christ sake the tax cuts have been in effect since 2003, do you see the economy doing any better? All we can talk about is how we don't have enough money for social security! Here's a fucking idea you douche bag politicians, instead of feeding us bullshit about privatizing our much needed social security, STOP GIVING THE FUCKING MONEY TO THE RICH! Its not that fucking difficult to comprehend, you're taking money away from people who need it, and giving it to people who have so much they lose track of it. Besides social security just imagine the fun things we could do if the government wasn't broke, like ooh say universal health care....better educational systems, scholarships. But lets be honest those stupid rich bitches that they show on mtv, vh1, E, need a couple more new cars for their 16th birthdays even if one of those cars takes away the money from a child that needs heart surgery.

they've cut welfare programs, raised the age of social security, now bankruptcy is going to become more difficult, all these programs are made by the rich to hurt the poor. why don't they just spay and neuter them too....oooh wait that would be counter productive cuz who would clean the pools, mow the lawns, build the houses....yeah they'll just keep peeing on them.

What do you think your leaders mean
destroying the world of today
It means that they dont really give a damn
all they care about is theyre greed
spending money on bombs and guns
more than on the human race
but who are the ones that have to pay
disease and starvation they create

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