Thursday, July 28, 2005

I want my drugs.

Little Johnny is 8 years old, he has cancer, his parents are poor and they can't afford the medication he needs to live. His mother breaks into a hospital to steal the medication for her son (yes i realize women can do courageous things too) and gets caught, arrested and put in jail. Now Johnny gets to die, without his mom.

Now as far as I know this story hasn't happened, but under the current economic system of America it very easily could. I find it extremely sad that the richest most powerful country in the world can let its lowest class starve and die without the medications they need and can not afford. How can we allow billions upon billions of dollars to be spend on the military while we still do not have a national system of health insurance, it makes no sense at all. So we have to tell Johnny that he has to die because america needs a new fleet of fighter jets? This country is a fucking embarrassment to me, i feel like if someone from another country were to ask me how we could do this to our poor id look down and start crying.

Everybody's in love with this capitalism “its what keeps this country going”but is it going? The rich run the country the way they want to while the poor suffer and starve... of course the president doesn't need health care hes a fucking millionaire. Congress voted themselves a great little retirement plan where they get 100% of their pay for the rest of their lives and they only have to serve one term to qualify. Simultaneously retired people around the country are eating actual kibbles and bits (dog food) because after they pay for their medications they can no longer afford to buy real food. These are the people who worked all their loves most of them also fighting for this country in those really cool wars that we love so much. We can't even take care of them.

Ask yourself this question, Is it right that a person's life expectancy in america is directly related to their net worth? Because it is.

Read the weakling's post right now, its a nice follow-up

"its a beautiful day for a bar-b-que...this time the hotdog is YOU"

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ya gotta die, gotta die, gotta die, for your government

America has to stop preying on the poor teenagers of this country, they have rights too. If it wern't bad enough that the "no child left behind"legislation was just a coverup for a large scale recruitment program which made it mandatory for guidance counclors to send all the personal records of teens 16 and older to the army recruitment centers. Now the government in cooperation with a third party corporation are creating a huge database of all the 16-18 year olds in the country. social security numbers, names, interests, plans of study, ethnicity all that great information that we like to call private being sent to the government so they can harass you to join their army and go kill yourself while killing innocent people.

ooh and lets not forget their great system of "ooh join our army and we'll pay for your college" so let me get this straight your bribing me to put my life in danger and to kill people, with a college education that i only need because of this stupid capitalistic system that makes me compete with my peers to make a living. That just sounds really fucked up to me...

ill join the army when the president of the united states and at least some of congress are fighting right beside me. and until then i vow to you mr. bush send me a draft card, and i will burn it, burn it like you are going to burn in hell for what you have done to the iraqi people while you tried to "liberate" them, or was it their oil?

Their system doesn't work for you.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


congratualations to the cia the fucking patriot acts are probably going to become almost completly permanent so i propose that instead of prying into every crevis of my life ill just keep you posted every second. right now im burning the american flag and then putting it out with my own urine. FUCK YOU! i wanna be free, where can i be free? america isn't free...

Monday, July 18, 2005

Your big truck doesnt make up for your small penis

Stop it with the fucking trucks and SUVs, JESUS CHRIST. i swear to god the next time i see a ford expedition pull into a parking lot, take up 3 fucking parking spots, carrying only a 100 pound woman driver im going to throw a fucking rock at her. It should be mandatory that if you are going to drive a big fucking wasteful piece of shit like that you should have to carry eight people in it at all times. What the fuck? Your eight cylinders are burning more gas while you leave your suv running in the driveway than my car uses driving to syracuse. "i feel safer in my big truck" well the rest of us would feel a lot safer if you'd get off the road with your huge bulldozer of a car.

I am just completly dumbfounded at the wastefulness of this country. In every other nation in the world the trend is towards more energy conserving methods of transportation, NOT here. Americans are so fucking smart let me tell you, now i wasnt born yet but i hear we had a little thing called a fuel shortage in the seventies where gas prices went crazy and there wasnt even enough to go around. Did we take this as a wake up call? NO, we continued to buy big ass gas guzzleing cars, and now that the price of gas is going crazy again its the same god damn people who went threw the shortage in the seventies that are complaining about the prices now when theyre filling up their huge SUVs! Most advanced nation in the world? No i think weve officially smoked ourselves retarded.

Why don't presidents fight the wars? Why do they always send the poor?


I am an adult therefore you are not higher then me! I don't care if you have 10 years of medical school under your belt or you are the president of the united states (hypothetically, if he was actually human) you are my peer and you have to fucking deal with that. If your name begins with a "DR." and i start it with an "MR." thats because unlike you i find you to be my peer. For the life of me i can not figure out how people who go to college manage to become "higher" in society than those that dont. We all work together in society, when were sick we have to go to the doctor which is a very important job. On the other hand if the garbage wasnt picked up, houses wernt built, roads wernt made, we'd all be kinda fucked eh??

If we dont agree with the Caste system in India we sure as hell better not have a system of hierarchy in America. We do not designate the people in power as being higher than us, they brainwash us into do so. STOP! Its just a way for them to control you, the ruling elite deserve no more respect than you deserve from them. They can only demand it as long as you give it to them.

Why doesnt Wal*mart sell upside down american flags?