Wednesday, August 17, 2005

First Amendment Desecration Act of 2005

My mind is spinning right now. I like to keep up on what my good ol' congressman is doing sometimes and i found on his site that he is a strong supporter of the "flag protection act of 2005" I thought to myself, wow that is one of those things that makes my brain bleed when i think about it. The goal, not only in congress, but also in the senate is to make it illegal to "desecrate" the American flag. The same government that supports the burning of everything, coal, oil, gas, diesel, incriminating evidence about itself is trying to make a law which will put me in jail for 1-2 years for burning the flag!

What this whole flag argument comes down to is that the untrained mind is a very simple machine. Its very hard to take in all that this country has done and is doing to itself and to other countries. The untrained mind needs a simple object, something that it can relate everything to, a symbol. Now that wouldnt be so bad if that symbol continued to stand for everything that has and is happening, but it doesn't for most people, it becomes one sided. I feel that the government knows this and is using it to their own benefit. The american people are brainwashed every day into thinking that we are doing everything just right. By protecting the flag it turns the brainwashed against desentors and make an even more super-patriotic nation. A super-patriotic nation is a dangerous nation, because no one is there to keep it in check, it can run wild, and become uncontrolled. For instance starting wars in middle eastern countries for no good reason.

The following is taken directly from the wording of the bill traveling through the senate:(and why its wrong, at least by my standards)

a) FINDINGS- Congress finds that--
(1) the flag of the United States is a unique symbol of national unity and represents the values of liberty, justice, and equality that make this Nation an example of freedom unmatched throughout the world;
-forced unity through brainwashing, and while were talking about freedom, how about that first amendment that gives me the right to free speech and demonstation?

(2) the Bill of Rights is a guarantee of those freedoms and should not be amended in a manner that could be interpreted to restrict freedom, a course that is regularly resorted to by authoritarian governments which fear freedom and not by free and democratic nations;
-it says right there that the bill of rights shouldn't be amended to restrict freedom, if they take away flag burning whats next, protests? And while I'm at it, this democratic institution is afraid of freedom, and does want to limit it as much as possible.

(3) abuse of the flag of the United States causes more than pain and distress to the overwhelming majority of the American people and may amount to fighting words or a direct threat to the physical and emotional well-being of individuals at whom the threat is targeted;
-i can't even do this one, did a 4 year old's mom write this? fighting words?

(4) destruction of the flag of the United States can be intended to incite a violent response rather than make a political statement and such conduct is outside the protections afforded by the first amendment to the Constitution.
- "can be intended to incite" because someone at sometime might want to start a violent response by burning a flag, we need to make it an overall law. FUCK YOU

So basically what i want everyone to do is spread your asscheeks out a little, pull with your back until your head pops out, wipe the shit out of your eyes and realize with me that the flag can stand for what ever you want it to stand for. If it only stood for unity, freedom, and hope, no one in their right mind would every want to desecrate it. Unfortunatly it also stands for the hate, racism, imperialism, hunger, ignorance, non-unity, brainwashing, etc. What it comes down to people is that its a piece of cloth, nothing more nothing less, fight for what you beleive in, dont group a whole nation into a symbol, it doesnt fit.

Red, White, and Brainwashed.


miseryhead said...

wow...i'm confused on how these people become politicians. then i realize what idiotic morons we have around us who are like "yeah! we're american! anyone who burns the flag should be tied to the truck and towed through my trailer park!" there is no way they should make an amendment against burning the flag- anything can cause anyone to use "fighting words" even if it's a peaceful protest i'd bet someone out there would be like "kill all those peaceful hippies." this is a retarded issue and maybe after they get their heads out of their asses they can start dealing with some real problems. like the selling and using of marijuana. hahahhaa, just kidding.

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