Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nu-uh! Am not!

In reaction to a recent comment that I received I feel as though there are some misconceptions of me that I should clear up. Do not take this in any way to mean that I do not want comments, to the contrary I love them and would like to receive many more, I am simply disheartened when I am accused of being someone that I am not, and in this case truly strive against.

1.This site is not by any means solely an Anti-American government blog. I thought this was quite clear even by a quick scan of my titles but apparently not. Do not try to tie everything I write into being against the american government, I try to critique every part of human interaction including government, society, beliefs, religion, faith,education, democracy, philosophy....

2.A formalized mass religion is not a belief. At least from the perspective that I am looking at. Getting mad at me because I attacked “your beliefs” is silly. If they were “your beliefs” I would try my hardest to leave you personally alone. They are not your beliefs you are borrowing them from the authors of the bible, koran, and other holy books. I will put out my opinion on a lot of things, and if I think you are wrong I will tell you that. However as long as you have a personal belief and you are not following faith blindly I will at least respect you. I only lack respect for those who follow the heard blindly.

3.My purpose in writing is not not to be a jackass. I realize I come off negatively very often. I also however promote the ideas that I feel are right. I do this because I think it is important pool ideas to come up with answers. It's a concept of a collective individual who absorbs and radiates ideas and personality which anyone who has read Walt Whitman's poems will recognize. One of these days I will write a little something about it.

4.I'm not “liberal” or “leftist.” And I am definitely not a democrat. I strive to be as close to a humanitarian as I can, and attempt to do and promote things that are best for people. Sometimes I'm wrong, I try to admit those times. Please though, help me realize when I am. But on the flip side don't be afraid to be enlightened or corrected yourself.

5.I am not stupid. My mom said so.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fascism, Ignorance, and Religion

In Italy and Germany before WWII there were no questions. What Hitler or Mussolini said was right, duh. People were murdered by the millions, lands were concurred, armies were built up larger than ever seen before, police states were created. There were to be no questions.
In religion class I was taught to have faith, everyone was unsure sometimes, but I should have full faith in God. If you question the bible you are a sinner. It is against the very moral fabric of religion to question that religion.

I hope it's not to hard to find the similarity between these two stories. Religion is Fascist. It's a disgusting institution that has been built around keeping itself alive because it falls short of the very thing that it promises. Religion is supposed to give us the answers to the questions of the world. It doesn't, it give us the answers to the obvious things and tells us the rest either isn't important, or maybe that we'll find out after death. Great, that'll do the world a lot of good now won't it. So since religion doesn't do what it is supposed to, in it had to be created a self-protection mechanism so that people get mad if you ask questions.

If we don't ask questions we don't learn. If we accept the answers from yesterday we don't learn more. Without a constant quest for truth the world becomes stagnant and hateful. If we are going to have a chance we can't be held back by these old ideologies. We no longer think that the world is flat but we feel that without marriage a couple shouldn't be living together. And god-forgive that couple be of the same sex!

Religion is a haven for ignorance, choke on that when you're wearing you expensive easter dresses with your pretty flower hats, so you can “impress god.” The world is having a hard time stepping forward with ¾ of the population standing with their heads up their asses.

Fuck your easter.