Monday, August 29, 2005

Poo Poo on Mind control.

So little good can come from hurricane Katrina, well exept maybe the fact that the news has finally stopped their 24 hour coverage of that white girl that died in aruba. (I was more insensitive, I came back and changed this) I dont mean to be insensitive here but its ridiculous that in 2005 you still have to be rich and white to get on the fucking news. I ask people outright why they think this girl disappearing in Aruba is such a big deal and i get answers like "uhhh cuz its like in a different country" or "cuz she was on a school trip" Im pretty sure that if ya actually look into the disappearences of some of the minorities they would have equally strange occurences. No folks, the reason shes a big deal is because shes pretty, rich, and white. I mean for christs sake she was on a god damn school trip to ARUBA! I fucking hate the news, i dont even fucking watch it usually, but every time i catch a little of it in the lobby at school, or at the diner or suttin im just pissed off. Why the fuck does america need to see (repeatedly) footage of jap (jewish american princess for those of you stuck in the 20th century hehe) girl cheerleading or some shit?

now i was reading about a girl who had been missing for like 2 or 3 weeks in florida, she didnt get any publicity until her charred body was discovered in an abandoned refrigorator in the middle of a field. I wondered to myself why havnt i heard about her before this, shes been missing for weeks, then i saw her name Randazzo...that didnt sound very white, i understood then.

There was another article i was reading about this girl i dont remember it all that well it was a few months ago, but basically this non-white girl had been missing for over a year and her family had been calling all the major news stations every day trying to get them to pick up the story so that they could get the word out about the her. Repeatedly no one was interested. The first publicity that this girl got was the people writing an article like i am right now about how you have to be rich pretty and white to get on the news!

Ive just fucking had it, its the news, what the fuck?, i realize itll never be non-partial, but come on they gotta try a little harder than this!

so just as an FYI to everyone, non-white people do do other things besides roll with gangs, kill people and play basketball. Ferreal! With that said, try hunting around and gettin some real news, dont just swallow everything that cnn force feeds you. For every shark attack they report theres a much more important story thats being forgotten. Dont be fucking lazy america! Go here right now, what are you waiting for? click there! Now fucker! dont read any further! im warning you, one more word and ill kill your dog! He's fuckin dead!

Some day people will say "Do we have to live this way?" "Is this how we have to exist?" And the people will rise up, and resist!

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