Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Student Privacy Protection Act of 2005

Im going to use this post not so much to yell at everyone and make fun of you but ask for your help in something that seriously needs to be changed. If you look down there (little pointy downy arrow) at "ya gotta die, gotta die, gotta die for your government" you see me bitching about the 'no child left behind' legilation that secretly forces guidance councelors to give all the personal information of students to military recruiters. Well there is legislation out there now that if passed will replace the current program that you must "opt-out" of which most never find out about, with a program of mandatory informing from the school to the parents and students in which they would have to "opt-in" for their information to be shared. Lets remember that in high school we were basically at the will of everyone else, they can't vote so you can't help themselves, we need to help them. Write you congressperson and ask them to sponsor HR551 the Student Privacy Protection Act of 2005.

Theres information on what its all about here

If you don't know who your congressperson is go here

You should also check here to make sure your congressperson isn't already sponsoring this act.

If they havn't,write them a letter asking them to support the act because this privacy infringment is only going to get worse as we stay longer in Iraq and more people start hating the military. Fuck this war.

thank you.


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