Thursday, December 01, 2005

Jesus loves the little children all the children of the world white and white, white and white...

Ever since I was a litlin I've been told by adults and most importantly my religion teachers that its not murder if you kill somebody in war, that its ok to kill for your country. Is it? I'm not trying to start a fight with the troops, well ya know if more of them refused to fight we might have to come up with new ways to settle arguments but that's just splitting hairs right? What I was saying though was, is it really ok to kill people for your country? Are the people that you are killing any less people? Do they not have families? Friends? Children? Don't they strive to live like everyone else? I fail to see a line, for those soldiers that are christian for instance, doesn't it seem suspicious to them that politicians get to make a decision on whether the 6th commandment is relevant or not? Maybe someday a president will tell me I no longer have to obey my father and mother. What it all comes down to is, any human life that is ended prematurely at the hands of another human is a tragedy, and until this gets realized this world is not going to work out.

There's another point I want to make, this one about my "superior" white race. I've noticed that just about every redneck piece of shit racist likes to point out that black have a higher murder rate than any other race. Since I just proved that killing in war is murder too (yes, PROVED mother fucker) I think that the white race might just possibly have a lead on the black race. Actually I'm pretty sure that if every black person in the world killed a person a day for the next 20 years they still wouldn't bypass the caucasian slaughter numbers. We're mean green killin' machines, but its ok when we do it.

Ya see how this works? White people don't commit murders because they get to make up the rules for what a murder is. As long as you declare war, or belong to the cia, or are friends with someone very important, or have a lot of money you can't commit murder. The people just died at your hands, but ummm.....its ok cause, it was a for a good cause. Amen to that my brothers, amen to that. The more people we kill today, the less people we have to deal with tomorrow!

Read this poem ---->America-Allen Ginsberg

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