Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Guess who has all the answers! ME!!!

Ever since Bush started his war on 'Teer,' America has been going at it at the wrong way. When we went to Afghanistan we found some of those terrorist because we were able to take them by surprise, but not as many as we expected. Then we went to Iraq to get the 'dubya-em-deez'(weapons of mass distruction), but I think that was just a cover, I think the real reason we went to Iraq was that the terrorists escaped Afghanistan and went to Iraq and Bush just didn't want to admit that they were getting away. So once we went to Iraq the terrorists already knew that we were coming so they stole the the dubya-em-deez and ran out of Iraq too. This would explain why we havn't found any sign whatso ever of alqueda in Iraq or dubya-em-deez. Yeah so now we have some real danger on our hands, but its ok because I know what to do.

What we need to do is invade all the countries that they could hide in, at the same time. I'm thinking Syria, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia pretty much all those towelhead countries, and the ones with oil because im getting sick of being raped at the gas pump. Well were at it lets invade North Korea, and China, I don't think we can trust them anymore, Oh and Venezuela, and France because they're mean to our president. Yeah thats about all, if we invade all these countries at the same time the terrorists won't have anywhere to run, we'll get 'em!

Now I know what you're thinking, 'i would love to invade all these countries but we don't have enough people in the military now to stay in Iraq safely, how can we invade all these other countries?' Thats just stupid, the only reason we have shortages in the military is because we haven't used the draft yet. There's 250 or so million people in America, and if you take out the elderly, the babies and the rich you still have a good 100 mill to go to war with, it worked in the old days, why can't it now? This is America! We stand for freedom, and its our duty to liberate these people from the terrorists that are in their countries! Even if we have to liberate them to death, atleast they're free!

I'm proud to be and American, where atleast I know I'm free, and I won't forget the men who've died to give that right to me, and I'd gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today, cuz there aint no doubt I love this land, GOD BLESS THE USA!!!

P.S fuck you Bush, Cheney, most of the democratic party, almost all of the republican party, Pat Robertson, and Ann Coulter (haha warartist you have me on a tangent), among others.

Friday, November 04, 2005

America:Making people hate us one forced feeding tube at a time.

I can't take this anymore, how could there possibly be a debate in 2005 about whether prisoners of war held by the US should be tortured? We're not even trying to look like we give a shit about human beings any more we blatantly just say that we like to kick the shit out of everyone weaker than us, kick them when they're down, and then when they're die spit on their bodies.

The house passed a bill last fucking month that would have protected POW's in US prisons from torture, now the fucking republicans are freezing the house so that the bill that its attached to won't get passed. On top of this the white house has already pledged to veto it, on what grounds you ask? "it would restrict the president's ability to fight terrorism and protect the country" FUCK YOU! How can human beings not care about other human beings? Ok they look different, we got that already, GET OVER IT! I want to rip out so many hearts right now with my bare hands. I feel so bad for these people, its not fucking right, criminals or not they deserve a trial, decent conditions and they shouldn't have fucking feeding tubes shoved up their noses that haven't been washed since they were shoved in someone else's nose! (allegedly)

As for the white house's stupid reason that it will not allow us to protect our county from terrorists, I offer this. Beating the shit out of the people that hate us only makes them hate us more, now they will just try harder to kill us, thanks.

How about the rules of the Geneva Convention? America hated the Vietnamese because they didn't follow them when we invaded them. Now America can't even show that respect, whatever fuck this, I hate my country blah blah blah if Hitler was around he'd be so amazed at Bush he'd probably suck his dick.

If it makes any difference Arab world, I care.