Sunday, April 24, 2005

Homosexuality and Marriage

Why are gay people subjected to so much shit in this country and all over the world (basically). Homophobia...yeah so there's people out there that are AFRAID of gay people. Now they play off that they're big and tough, but they are afraid of these people who they claim are weak. Am i missing something? First of all I God damn well know at some point in every one of these assholes lives they have had a homosexual thought. But they are so fucking afraid of being gay that they want to condemn anyone who is, like its fucking contagious. People need to open their fucking eyes, no, its not contagious, really, I'd have it by now. People need to stop being so afraid of it, so what if you find out your gay, suppressing it isn't going to help, and hating everyone that is isn't suppressing it, isn't either.

I'm afraid of homophobes. Anyone who can hate the nicest group of people in society should be feared because well there's some serious issues going on there.

"the bible says you can't be gay" The section that everyone so lovingly brings up is from Leviticus, if you look a little deeper you can find some other rules from this section too. 1. It is a sin to eat pork. 2. It is perfectly acceptable to own slaves, as long as their from another country.3. You are not allowed to trim your hair or beard 4.You cant mix fabrics. After reading the rest of Leviticus it seems as tho this evidence is shot to hell. And how about that whole "love thy neighbor" thing, can we just forget about that because were doing "God's work"?

Many people will probably disagree with me, but i don't really care. Organized religion is the Antichrist. Yup, plain and simple. It breeds hate and ignorance. Isn't that exactly the opposite of your Jesus' teachings? Wasn't he a pacifist? Seems kinda ironic that more people have died in his name than for any other man who has ever lived, including Hitler...

Gay people should not be able to get married, and here is why I think that: churches are just not interested in marrying gays. So that just leaves the government to marry them, well the government shouldn't be able to marry anyone, marriage is a religion based institution therefore the government has no right sticking its nose in it. This is where civil unions come in, different name, same results, they are a legal contract between two individuals, not all that mushy kissing stuff. Married couples in the church apply for a civil unions from the government, therefore still receive all the benefits married couples receive now*.

**Update: I meant this more as a "best case scenario" as to how marriage legislation should work. However it would be much harder to completely change the law of civil marriage in order to create only Civil Unions in the eyes of the government than to just legalize gay marriage. In addition this would be a costly solution to a mostly aesthetic problem. In the real world I fully support the right for gay couples to be married.**

The problem of allowing Civil Unions according to the opponents is that it will cost us much more in taxes and social security if we widen the eligibility to support so many more people with social security and other federal benefits. Well gay couples should be allowed the same benefits I'll get if I ever get retarded and get "married", why not? If they're paying into the system they should get protected in the same way.

Jesus was a communist, Jesus was a Pacifist...

Friday, April 22, 2005

Open ass cheeks insert Patriot Act.

NO MORE DEAD....Civil Rights!

In 1798 a Federalist controlled congress created the Alien and Sedition acts under fears of a war with France. Upon study it also becomes apparent that the underlying reason for the acts was to silence the Republicans of the time.

This happened again in 1917 when another Sedition Act was passed at the head of the Red Scare, the beginning of Americans' phobia of communism. This act was underhandedly used to attack left wing radicals by J. Edgar Hoover.

In 1950 Joseph McCarthy used the intense fear during the cold war to begin his "witch-hunts" for communists within America, making people fear speaking their mind at all against the government. This was another attack on liberal thought against capitalism.

Who can look back on these awesome infringements on our civil rights and say, yes that was a good idea? So why did we allow it to happen again? With the establishment of the Patriot Act the legislature played on American fears yet again, to persuade us to give up so many civil rights. It was passed 45 days after the September 11th attacks, the easiest method of getting a bill passed through the legislature unopposed is through the use of fear. How else can you explain that 120,000 Japanese-Americans were arrested, had all of their possessions sold at a great loss and thrown into prison camps throughout the US during WWII?

Why would we trade our civil rights for safety? Why would you want to be safe from "terrorists" if you must fear your own government? I'd rather be blown away than not be allowed to tell Bush hes a fucking dick, and he should pull his head out of his holier-than-thou ass and stop fucking with us.

So we have this Patriot act, good name, I swear it sounds like its good for me, but I'm pretty sure it's not. It allows the CIA and FBI to search your library records, tap your phones, search your possessions, perform anal sex on your mom, and not even tell you for weeks or months afterward. It allows all this to occur with little or no judicial oversight! Some radical fucks actually wanted to take out the sunset clause which puts a time limitation on the acts! FASCIST FUCKS! When the Patriot act comes up for re-authorization, we need to get the power against it and get it voted down!

The president doesn't want you to misunderestimate him.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Get Your Jesus Off My Penis

That title isn't mine, its the name of song by Eric Schwartz about the separation of church and state. Don't get all mad about that title, I don't mean it literally, and if you hear me out you may even respect my opinion a little.

When the writers of the constitution sat down in that oh so hot room in the summer, heroically setting up this great government we have (Oh glamorized history!) they wrote in many different statements about the free practice of religion of choice, and the separation of the church and state. I've heard the arguments over and over that these people were primarily Christians and never meant what was written to be taken so literally, and that Christianity should be the religion of choice for America. I'm sorry but that just sounds like a crock of bullshit to me. As flawed as the constitution is, it is the one document that we must always look to when making decisions of rights and powers. Why did they say one thing and do another? That is a great question, which unfortunately will never be answered. As however always have to do what is written, this is a "do as i say, not as i do" situation.

Therefore I say again, Get your Jesus off my Penis! Do not make abortions illegal! If you do that it will just go back to the old coat hanger method anyways, which is just a bit more dangerous so then you have two deaths, mom and baby....hmmm! If you don't believe in abortion, don't have one, but leave me alone, I believe in a woman's right to choose. President Bush in his infinite wisdom is proclaiming that abstinence is the only way, that contraceptives are the devils work, and therefore we shouldn't even mention their use to teenagers. This is a great idea, tell teenagers not to have sex! While you're at it, tell them not to eat either, because you're gonna have about the same luck. Now they're still horny, and ill-informed, good way to release them into the world. The information is out there, the teaching of abstinence has an adverse effect on controlling STD's and unwanted pregnancies.

As for the other side, "my side" You people that are so preoccupied with removing every instance of god from anything governmental need to get a fucking hobby. If you don't believe in God but want to say the pledge, don't say that part, no one is going to kill you. If there's a set of ten commandments on the front of a courthouse, who the fuck cares, hey a good six of them aren't that bad anyways. If you're gonna start a federal case about something make it for something that is actually infringing on your rights, like if those courts are using the ten commandments in their decisions. Stop wasting everyone's time with your anal needs to have everything perfect and anti-God.

Don't blame me i voted for the lesser of the two assholes.