Monday, July 18, 2005

Your big truck doesnt make up for your small penis

Stop it with the fucking trucks and SUVs, JESUS CHRIST. i swear to god the next time i see a ford expedition pull into a parking lot, take up 3 fucking parking spots, carrying only a 100 pound woman driver im going to throw a fucking rock at her. It should be mandatory that if you are going to drive a big fucking wasteful piece of shit like that you should have to carry eight people in it at all times. What the fuck? Your eight cylinders are burning more gas while you leave your suv running in the driveway than my car uses driving to syracuse. "i feel safer in my big truck" well the rest of us would feel a lot safer if you'd get off the road with your huge bulldozer of a car.

I am just completly dumbfounded at the wastefulness of this country. In every other nation in the world the trend is towards more energy conserving methods of transportation, NOT here. Americans are so fucking smart let me tell you, now i wasnt born yet but i hear we had a little thing called a fuel shortage in the seventies where gas prices went crazy and there wasnt even enough to go around. Did we take this as a wake up call? NO, we continued to buy big ass gas guzzleing cars, and now that the price of gas is going crazy again its the same god damn people who went threw the shortage in the seventies that are complaining about the prices now when theyre filling up their huge SUVs! Most advanced nation in the world? No i think weve officially smoked ourselves retarded.

Why don't presidents fight the wars? Why do they always send the poor?


Highway Girl said...

you have taken the words right out of my mind. thanks for saying what needed to said.

miseryhead said...

and this is why i love you, i love the rants. perhaps i'll start doing some of my own, you inspired me.