Monday, September 05, 2005


If i could fucking change my skin tone to black right now i would fucking do it. I no longer want to be part of this fucking hypocritical,oppressive, hating race. Katrina has brought out the worst in every racist white person, why didn't those niggers leave? Theyre just unruley by nature! They should leave all those niggers down there to fend for themselves, they deserve it! Black people just hafta pull the race card on everything!

Let me just make this one point, which i know no one cares about because "it was a long time ago and they should get over it"

Your clean white, pure, beautiful race has been maturing and developing for thousands of years uninterupted. Blacks however had a cute little 200 year period of "interuption" that we like to call "slavery". They were captured like ANIMALS brought to this country and forced to work for absolutly no pay what-so-ever. Restricted from any education and tought that they were nothing! Do you really think that the consecunces of something like that just disappear in one fucking generation? On top of this, when good ole Abe lincoln, freed the slaves, he made no provisions to help them, just GO FREE. They had no money, no education, no friends that could help them, and had to deal with all of the whites that still hated them. A hatred that was actually legal until the 1960's, for those of you bad at math, thats over another hundred years of legal oppression. Now after the 1960's racism officially became "illegal" but if we think that stopped us then were just stupid arnt we because theirs still redneck white trash pieces of shit all over the world who hate blacks because they have a different skin color than whites. So for those of you keeping track thatsfar more than three hundred years of oppression just in this country, if this happened to white people, dont you think it might break our spirits a little too? In return we give them "affirmative action" but does that really make up for hundreds of years of oppression? Can we really expect them to be just like us? Why would they want to be like us? We fucking suck! We oppress them! I fucking hate myself just for being the same color as you racists.

Hitler didnt kill anyone himself either, but look what his propaganda did.

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