Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fucking Think for Yourself

I've been on this topic lately called religion, its been floating around in my head a lot and at times spewing out of my mouth like fire. It's occurring to me that my hatred for organized religion which I find to be growing in me more and more every day is actually only a side effect of a bigger dilemma I see this world in. I think I would actually consider this problem and epidemic. The problem is faith, not just any faith because we all have some otherwise we'd have put the guns to our heads long ago, my problem however lies with a special kind of faith. Blind Faith. From now on this should be called "faith for idiots."

Faith for idiots consists of sitting at home reading your book, be it the bible, the Koran, or any other holy book and believing every possible thing in there with no questions asked. Correct your mom and dad and pastor and religion teacher all seem to be really nice people, but did you ever consider thinking outside the box? Possibly considering other people ideas comparing them with the ones of your religion, maybe formulating your own? Personal hatred can stem out of peoples inability to see outside of the church, that is not a newsflash.

The problem is, is that there is no perfect religion. Every one has contradictions within itself and each is made out of fallible people which make up a fallible network. If for instance Islam had all the answers everyone would be a Muslim, it only makes sense if all of the puzzle pieces fit together it would be stupid not to be one. Unfortunately Muslims don't have all the answers and neither does anyone else, I know I don't have them but I'm satisfied with that. Reading one book and feeling that you have all the answers makes about as much sense as listening to one person talk, who happens to be in the kkk who tells you "niggers is bad" and you going out and spreading the word around to the whole world. You have to think for yourself first, why are they so bad, do I have any evidence? Hmm just an afterthought.... kkk:blacks, Christianity:gays?

Mahatma Gandhi once said when he was asked if he was a Hindu "Yes I am, I am also a Christian a Muslim a Buddhist and a Jew." Gandhi realized the core values in all of these religions were the same, love and peace. Therefore he realized that fighting between two religions that have the same values is retarded. All religions can be right and all can be wrong simultaneously. Your faith doesn't have to be the same as your best friend, nor your spouse. Faith is a personal thing, but for the sake of the sanity of the world, believe what YOU feel is right not what one books says. Explore, ponder, consider, and be willing to evolve, and lastly stop fucking asking me when the last time I went to church was!