Friday, April 22, 2005

Open ass cheeks insert Patriot Act.

NO MORE DEAD....Civil Rights!

In 1798 a Federalist controlled congress created the Alien and Sedition acts under fears of a war with France. Upon study it also becomes apparent that the underlying reason for the acts was to silence the Republicans of the time.

This happened again in 1917 when another Sedition Act was passed at the head of the Red Scare, the beginning of Americans' phobia of communism. This act was underhandedly used to attack left wing radicals by J. Edgar Hoover.

In 1950 Joseph McCarthy used the intense fear during the cold war to begin his "witch-hunts" for communists within America, making people fear speaking their mind at all against the government. This was another attack on liberal thought against capitalism.

Who can look back on these awesome infringements on our civil rights and say, yes that was a good idea? So why did we allow it to happen again? With the establishment of the Patriot Act the legislature played on American fears yet again, to persuade us to give up so many civil rights. It was passed 45 days after the September 11th attacks, the easiest method of getting a bill passed through the legislature unopposed is through the use of fear. How else can you explain that 120,000 Japanese-Americans were arrested, had all of their possessions sold at a great loss and thrown into prison camps throughout the US during WWII?

Why would we trade our civil rights for safety? Why would you want to be safe from "terrorists" if you must fear your own government? I'd rather be blown away than not be allowed to tell Bush hes a fucking dick, and he should pull his head out of his holier-than-thou ass and stop fucking with us.

So we have this Patriot act, good name, I swear it sounds like its good for me, but I'm pretty sure it's not. It allows the CIA and FBI to search your library records, tap your phones, search your possessions, perform anal sex on your mom, and not even tell you for weeks or months afterward. It allows all this to occur with little or no judicial oversight! Some radical fucks actually wanted to take out the sunset clause which puts a time limitation on the acts! FASCIST FUCKS! When the Patriot act comes up for re-authorization, we need to get the power against it and get it voted down!

The president doesn't want you to misunderestimate him.

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