Monday, August 29, 2005

Poo Poo on Mind control.

So little good can come from hurricane Katrina, well exept maybe the fact that the news has finally stopped their 24 hour coverage of that white girl that died in aruba. (I was more insensitive, I came back and changed this) I dont mean to be insensitive here but its ridiculous that in 2005 you still have to be rich and white to get on the fucking news. I ask people outright why they think this girl disappearing in Aruba is such a big deal and i get answers like "uhhh cuz its like in a different country" or "cuz she was on a school trip" Im pretty sure that if ya actually look into the disappearences of some of the minorities they would have equally strange occurences. No folks, the reason shes a big deal is because shes pretty, rich, and white. I mean for christs sake she was on a god damn school trip to ARUBA! I fucking hate the news, i dont even fucking watch it usually, but every time i catch a little of it in the lobby at school, or at the diner or suttin im just pissed off. Why the fuck does america need to see (repeatedly) footage of jap (jewish american princess for those of you stuck in the 20th century hehe) girl cheerleading or some shit?

now i was reading about a girl who had been missing for like 2 or 3 weeks in florida, she didnt get any publicity until her charred body was discovered in an abandoned refrigorator in the middle of a field. I wondered to myself why havnt i heard about her before this, shes been missing for weeks, then i saw her name Randazzo...that didnt sound very white, i understood then.

There was another article i was reading about this girl i dont remember it all that well it was a few months ago, but basically this non-white girl had been missing for over a year and her family had been calling all the major news stations every day trying to get them to pick up the story so that they could get the word out about the her. Repeatedly no one was interested. The first publicity that this girl got was the people writing an article like i am right now about how you have to be rich pretty and white to get on the news!

Ive just fucking had it, its the news, what the fuck?, i realize itll never be non-partial, but come on they gotta try a little harder than this!

so just as an FYI to everyone, non-white people do do other things besides roll with gangs, kill people and play basketball. Ferreal! With that said, try hunting around and gettin some real news, dont just swallow everything that cnn force feeds you. For every shark attack they report theres a much more important story thats being forgotten. Dont be fucking lazy america! Go here right now, what are you waiting for? click there! Now fucker! dont read any further! im warning you, one more word and ill kill your dog! He's fuckin dead!

Some day people will say "Do we have to live this way?" "Is this how we have to exist?" And the people will rise up, and resist!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

First Amendment Desecration Act of 2005

My mind is spinning right now. I like to keep up on what my good ol' congressman is doing sometimes and i found on his site that he is a strong supporter of the "flag protection act of 2005" I thought to myself, wow that is one of those things that makes my brain bleed when i think about it. The goal, not only in congress, but also in the senate is to make it illegal to "desecrate" the American flag. The same government that supports the burning of everything, coal, oil, gas, diesel, incriminating evidence about itself is trying to make a law which will put me in jail for 1-2 years for burning the flag!

What this whole flag argument comes down to is that the untrained mind is a very simple machine. Its very hard to take in all that this country has done and is doing to itself and to other countries. The untrained mind needs a simple object, something that it can relate everything to, a symbol. Now that wouldnt be so bad if that symbol continued to stand for everything that has and is happening, but it doesn't for most people, it becomes one sided. I feel that the government knows this and is using it to their own benefit. The american people are brainwashed every day into thinking that we are doing everything just right. By protecting the flag it turns the brainwashed against desentors and make an even more super-patriotic nation. A super-patriotic nation is a dangerous nation, because no one is there to keep it in check, it can run wild, and become uncontrolled. For instance starting wars in middle eastern countries for no good reason.

The following is taken directly from the wording of the bill traveling through the senate:(and why its wrong, at least by my standards)

a) FINDINGS- Congress finds that--
(1) the flag of the United States is a unique symbol of national unity and represents the values of liberty, justice, and equality that make this Nation an example of freedom unmatched throughout the world;
-forced unity through brainwashing, and while were talking about freedom, how about that first amendment that gives me the right to free speech and demonstation?

(2) the Bill of Rights is a guarantee of those freedoms and should not be amended in a manner that could be interpreted to restrict freedom, a course that is regularly resorted to by authoritarian governments which fear freedom and not by free and democratic nations;
-it says right there that the bill of rights shouldn't be amended to restrict freedom, if they take away flag burning whats next, protests? And while I'm at it, this democratic institution is afraid of freedom, and does want to limit it as much as possible.

(3) abuse of the flag of the United States causes more than pain and distress to the overwhelming majority of the American people and may amount to fighting words or a direct threat to the physical and emotional well-being of individuals at whom the threat is targeted;
-i can't even do this one, did a 4 year old's mom write this? fighting words?

(4) destruction of the flag of the United States can be intended to incite a violent response rather than make a political statement and such conduct is outside the protections afforded by the first amendment to the Constitution.
- "can be intended to incite" because someone at sometime might want to start a violent response by burning a flag, we need to make it an overall law. FUCK YOU

So basically what i want everyone to do is spread your asscheeks out a little, pull with your back until your head pops out, wipe the shit out of your eyes and realize with me that the flag can stand for what ever you want it to stand for. If it only stood for unity, freedom, and hope, no one in their right mind would every want to desecrate it. Unfortunatly it also stands for the hate, racism, imperialism, hunger, ignorance, non-unity, brainwashing, etc. What it comes down to people is that its a piece of cloth, nothing more nothing less, fight for what you beleive in, dont group a whole nation into a symbol, it doesnt fit.

Red, White, and Brainwashed.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


*I've since changed my mind completely on caring about the differenciation in common speech, but im not going to shoot myself*

So this blog honestly has no point other than that people annoy me with their ignorance. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret AMERICA is not, and will never ever be a DEMOCRACY. If this were a democracy, upon turning 18 and registering to vote we all would have recieved our invitations to go down to congressional hall for the open debates and votes. That shit doesnt happen. What we have is a REPUBLIC say it with me RE-PUB-LICK, yes thats what america is, we vote for people to make our decisions for us. Now that we are all informed i reserve the right to shoot anyone that says "americas great cuz its a democracy" or "we are spreading democracy to iraq." Now saying we are a republic is also slightly misleading i suppose. Ya see in theory the people who are voted into power by the citizens are suppose to represent the general wants of those citizens. This works really well in theory, but when put into practice corruption takes place and the politicians do what they want when they want and the citizens get to sit back and watch thier lives get stolen. If you ask me, its getting worse.

As a side note outside of our western cultures not everyone thinks that democracy is the best answer for one, the people of arab countries have a higher percentage of devout religions people in them, they beleive that the higher order comes from god and that putting the opinion of people over that of god is a sacralige, yes I'm talking about the people that we are forcing "democracy" on right now.

Yeah thats all over, but its okay, cuz "its a free country"

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Student Privacy Protection Act of 2005

Im going to use this post not so much to yell at everyone and make fun of you but ask for your help in something that seriously needs to be changed. If you look down there (little pointy downy arrow) at "ya gotta die, gotta die, gotta die for your government" you see me bitching about the 'no child left behind' legilation that secretly forces guidance councelors to give all the personal information of students to military recruiters. Well there is legislation out there now that if passed will replace the current program that you must "opt-out" of which most never find out about, with a program of mandatory informing from the school to the parents and students in which they would have to "opt-in" for their information to be shared. Lets remember that in high school we were basically at the will of everyone else, they can't vote so you can't help themselves, we need to help them. Write you congressperson and ask them to sponsor HR551 the Student Privacy Protection Act of 2005.

Theres information on what its all about here

If you don't know who your congressperson is go here

You should also check here to make sure your congressperson isn't already sponsoring this act.

If they havn't,write them a letter asking them to support the act because this privacy infringment is only going to get worse as we stay longer in Iraq and more people start hating the military. Fuck this war.

thank you.