Monday, December 12, 2005

Stupid people deserve to be rusty hooked.

This will be a short post, and the only purpose of it is to toot my own horn because that's what I like to do. Found this comment on ifilm as part of a forum on the Jon Stewart video when he verbally assaulted the hosts of crossfire. This jerk was bashing a previous authors post who claimed Jon Stewart was a "shining picture of what anarchy should be" I later came to a draw with someone arguing over the definition of an anarchist but that's less fun.

Apoc68 said: I agree with almost everything you said except for the ignorant title of your post. Anarchy? Jon Stewart is liberal, which supports a more powerful government. Was that just a typo?

Me: Apoc68 your comment is burning a whole in the side of my brain. Please don't ever wave the word ignorant around until you've done a little research, it makes you look, well, ignorant.
I think what the problem might be, is that you are confusing the liberal tag that has been given to democrats, with the liberal side of a much greater spectrum that incorporates anarchists, along with communists, and fascists on the other side. Yes the general consensus is that democrats want stronger government, but democrat ideals are about as liberal as Bill Gates is poor. Democrats and Republicans fight over a section of the spectrum that is almost negligible. Neither deserves a label of liberal or Conservative, they could form one party and just debate among themselves. Anywho don't jump to conclusions to say someone automatically wants a certain thing to happen simply because you feel that they fit neatly into a political party's agenda, the world doesn't work that way and never will.

haha im cool cuz i read books. *snort*giggle*snort*

P.S A rusty hook is when you stick your finger up your butt and then hook the inside of someones cheek with it.


Shine said...

Tim Tim Tim...

I followed a link from that page to this - cos i thought you might be nice - but you're naaasty! Rusty hook... jeez.

Actually, i thought you were excessively nice to the very stupid person you called a truce with. That's what I was impressed with more than this post you gloated about! I thought, this anarchist must be very clever - or very young...

I skimmed your blog. I liked it mainly. Keep it up. Don't stop reading and thinking and writing and trying for anarchy. It's the only way in the very end I reckon. Government = Shite. You could work out your aggression and work on your feminism a little maybe.

Bye from Ireland

TCR said...

Not sure if you'll look back at this but I'm going to respond anyways. Not really trying to be nice, I find that nice people get overlooked, and as for the aggression I find this a great way to work it out. Feminism...I'm a strong supporter of, you'll find some support in some of my earlier posts, but hey you can only have so many causes at once.

TCR said...

Oh and lastly my truce with Stupid was basically because after 4 or so days i was sick of splitting hairs with people over the definition of words, I'm pretty sure I have better things to do...