Tuesday, August 16, 2005


*I've since changed my mind completely on caring about the differenciation in common speech, but im not going to shoot myself*

So this blog honestly has no point other than that people annoy me with their ignorance. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret AMERICA is not, and will never ever be a DEMOCRACY. If this were a democracy, upon turning 18 and registering to vote we all would have recieved our invitations to go down to congressional hall for the open debates and votes. That shit doesnt happen. What we have is a REPUBLIC say it with me RE-PUB-LICK, yes thats what america is, we vote for people to make our decisions for us. Now that we are all informed i reserve the right to shoot anyone that says "americas great cuz its a democracy" or "we are spreading democracy to iraq." Now saying we are a republic is also slightly misleading i suppose. Ya see in theory the people who are voted into power by the citizens are suppose to represent the general wants of those citizens. This works really well in theory, but when put into practice corruption takes place and the politicians do what they want when they want and the citizens get to sit back and watch thier lives get stolen. If you ask me, its getting worse.

As a side note outside of our western cultures not everyone thinks that democracy is the best answer for one, the people of arab countries have a higher percentage of devout religions people in them, they beleive that the higher order comes from god and that putting the opinion of people over that of god is a sacralige, yes I'm talking about the people that we are forcing "democracy" on right now.

Yeah thats all over, but its okay, cuz "its a free country"

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