Thursday, July 28, 2005

I want my drugs.

Little Johnny is 8 years old, he has cancer, his parents are poor and they can't afford the medication he needs to live. His mother breaks into a hospital to steal the medication for her son (yes i realize women can do courageous things too) and gets caught, arrested and put in jail. Now Johnny gets to die, without his mom.

Now as far as I know this story hasn't happened, but under the current economic system of America it very easily could. I find it extremely sad that the richest most powerful country in the world can let its lowest class starve and die without the medications they need and can not afford. How can we allow billions upon billions of dollars to be spend on the military while we still do not have a national system of health insurance, it makes no sense at all. So we have to tell Johnny that he has to die because america needs a new fleet of fighter jets? This country is a fucking embarrassment to me, i feel like if someone from another country were to ask me how we could do this to our poor id look down and start crying.

Everybody's in love with this capitalism “its what keeps this country going”but is it going? The rich run the country the way they want to while the poor suffer and starve... of course the president doesn't need health care hes a fucking millionaire. Congress voted themselves a great little retirement plan where they get 100% of their pay for the rest of their lives and they only have to serve one term to qualify. Simultaneously retired people around the country are eating actual kibbles and bits (dog food) because after they pay for their medications they can no longer afford to buy real food. These are the people who worked all their loves most of them also fighting for this country in those really cool wars that we love so much. We can't even take care of them.

Ask yourself this question, Is it right that a person's life expectancy in america is directly related to their net worth? Because it is.

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"its a beautiful day for a bar-b-que...this time the hotdog is YOU"

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