Thursday, December 21, 2006

Death Toll, ON THE RISE

Since the Iraq study group papers came out a few weeks ago it has been the goal of democrat congressmen, senators, and journalists galore to try to get George Bush to admit, as did the papers, that we are not winning the war in Iraq. Well he finally did (kinda), in a turnaround from the November election's “Absolutely, We're winning” he now says “We're not winning, We're not losing.” First of all we must realize that George Bush is a complete idiot, I'm sure that we are exactly “tied” with the Iraqi's. Damn another CAT game! Seriously though what could not winning, not losing mean? Is it that we killed a whole lot more of them than they've killed of us, but we just can't seem to make them stop hating us, like the Vietnamese? I certainly hope so! Lets see we entered Iraq in 2003 so by Vietnam standards the US should get sick of getting its ass handed to it in about 2018. Gee by then ill be in my early thirties, aging to the far right of the spectrum and be ready to support the war!

What is more absurd is the mindset that we could have ever been winning, nor could the Iraqis. Lets be honest with ourselves we have a meat grinder in Iraq, it's top of the line, can grind up more meat than any other, unfortunately it takes about 10 billion dollars a month to power it. The Iraqis also have a meat grinder, it's older, American made left over from the cold war, its cheaper to run but can't grind up as much meat. The meat that they grind up are the bodies of the American and Iraqi soldiers. The money that they spend running the grinders is supposed to feed their people, keep them healthy and educate their children. Instead the people are hungry, dieing of disease, and the children's education is being replaced with brainwashing nationalism. Don't think that I am just describing Iraq either, these things are happening right under our noses. Our raised up to the sky, “I see no evil” American noses.

I hate to be all “wimpy” about this but it is just impossible for any winning to occur in war. I hate death counts, it's what kept American support behind the Vietnam war for so long, We were winning! Or were we? Are the Vietnamese children any different than the American children? Different from the Afghani children, Iraqi children? I bet if you put a child from each country in the world together in a room they would play as if there was no difference. How could it then be ok that we are killing children in Iraq now and setting them up for years of hardship in the future (depleted uranium, minds, bombs, weapons, general instability) when we are so hell-bent on protecting the children of this country. If a child goes missing in Indiana the whole country goes on alert looking for that child, very few of us know that child, we just care because they are an innocent being and they deserve to live. How are Iraqi children any different? They are born into the world just like ours are, born ignorant of the worlds problems and prejudices. Ignorance is not only bliss in the eyes of children it should be a picture of God to us.

“Its going to take a while for the ideology of liberty to triumph over the ideology of hate”- Bush, speaking to press encouraging support of another permanent expansion of the military. Are we really going to be able to teach people out of the habit of hate with the use of hate? This really does put the final piece into the puzzle. Bush has now lived up to Reagan's prestige as the worst president ever. Economics, corruption, ignorance, and war mongering....

In an effort to try to be more legal about this blog the title is a lyric from a song by The Casualties. The random quotes throughout are from these news articles on truthout, Pentagon wants $99.7 billion more for wars and Bush calls for larger military

Monday, November 27, 2006

Right to Life.

Fox News: Military Draft: Good for stock market and good for America!
I shit you not, this was the title of a show that I saw while watching the new. They were comparing world war II to the present and showing that the draft did such a good job back in the 40's raising the economy, why not do it now?

Why not? Ahh, seriously you can't figure out why we shouldn't start up the DRAFT again? Am I living in a nation full of fucking idiots? (Yes) Here's an important question, is it good for the 18-24 year olds who are actually going to be drafted? The answer of course is yes! You will get a yes from many, many old men who have been in the military before, they say that its a great learning experience, that you will never find anywhere else. Just out of curiosity how much did the draftees learn that died in combat in World War II? For those that did have time to learn something, how much did it matter after all of their blood was spilled out of their bodies and their hearts stopped beating? It is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. For those that choose to do it, its just that, its their choice. For those that have been tricked into it after being fed lies, I'm sorry. As for forcing us young people to put our lives on hold and in horrifying danger, to fight a war that has nothing to do with us, No thank you.

I would love a chance to tour the world, see some new views and learn some new cultures. I just don't want to take part in the destruction of these things while I'm doing it. Can't I just do what I want to do in this country? They've restricted us enough already, the “free country” slogan makes me laugh. Most of us can't afford an education without going deeply into debt. Kids get tortured with tasers because they don't whip out their ID immediately when they're not doing anything wrong anyways. Their satellites can probably see us through our roofs now. Re-instating the draft would just be the keystone to it all, we would formally have no rights left. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Those are all really hard to do when your body explodes because of a car bomb.

Granted it is very unlikely that the draft will be re-instated, but what if it really was. What would happen? The protesters in the sixties did an impressive job the last time the draft was in effect, but the movement slumped into a pile of garbage because most of the protesters were doing too many drugs to remember what they were fighting for. Could we even hold out as well as they did? There certainly doesn't seem to be any unity today, and this shit is getting pretty bad already. If our situation gets worse will the young people of this country band together against these fascist policies, or are we all just too brainwashed from too many years of booze and conservatism? I am trying not to lose faith, but if something like the draft went down, I would be very worried...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gut wrenching...

This is a little against what I usually use this blog for, but that in itself is more than enough reason to do it, I don't want any expectations on my formats. (Goddamn it!) I found this video last night or so and was completely amazed and shocked. I have found that some of the most creative shock inducing art will come from the type of people that you would least expect. This is a music video from a "thrash metal" band named Slayer. Shock value seems likely for a thrash metal band, creativity like this, maybe not so much. Anyways watch the video, don't worry if you're not into the metal sound, I'm not either. The first time I listened to this I hardly even heard the words, that being said however, watch it twice the words do add a lot to it. It's a little gross at times, get over it. Oh and pay special attention to the last few seconds....

Apparently the embedded video was screwing up the layout of the whole heres a link instead......Link

Maybe we can stop this insanity soon?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hi My Name is Minority and I've Been Under-appreciated for Too Long...

I vote. It doesn't count. Why should I bother? What I mean by this is when elections are being out and out stolen by political parties such as that little incident in 2000 my vote continues to have no significance. In 2004 I stupidly voted for Kerry, I had no interest in the guy, he's nearly as stupid as Bush but my fears of the splitting the liberal vote and giving the election to Bush won me over and I voted democrat. I forgot about that one little point however that the state of New York has been voting democrat for years and will for years, so it doesn't matter whom I vote for, my vote is already cast for me. That's great, you know how that voting thing is supposed to make me feel empowered and all-american? It doesn't.

You see neither presidential choice will ever excite me because in order to get a freaking majority vote under this democratic system you have to be so close to the center that you can't tell who you're voting for. I'm sure a good chunk of the country would feel this way, and would probably vote for politicians other than the Democrat and Republican if they felt they had the choice. How many times have you heard, "That's just throwing your vote away?" Is that right, should you be forced to vote for someone that you don't want to rule your own republic and represent your country in the global world? It seems a sham to me, I know that I will never be in this "majority" (quotations because I kind of just said that I don't believe that it really exists) therefore at times I feel as though my government is pulling me around, much like its tyrannical. I can voice my opinion all day just like J.S Mill tells me I must do as the minority, but I will be lucky if I can change one mind on one issue. Sure social change has occurred but only after exhaustive efforts have been put out by the minority. It seems as though at some points that the giving in of the majority just occurred when it was good and ready to do so. Should it really have taken thousands and thousands of protesters to end legalized segregation? Shouldn't it have just struck us as wrong right away? It seems so obviously wrong now but it was a tireless effort of a minority just to get an institution ended that was blatantly against the constitution.

So we have this government that we all seem to be slaves to, with limited choice of who we want to rule over us and all. We choose the representative that doesn't seem to suck so fucking much as the other and they make all of our decisions for us. These people then extract money from us that they use to fund all the programs that they choose with very little oversight by us as the donors of the said funds. Sadly all governmental action can be traced back to money, without money the government can't do anything. Money is truly the root of all evil but if put to a proper use can be the root of at least some goodness. It has been said that money can't buy you happiness, that seems true. In a governmental standpoint however happiness isn't the end that we are looking for. The democratic government was put in place for the sole reason of giving its citizens the options that they can not give themselves. In essence beyond the life of cave dwelling, human beings are not self-sufficient. Governments set up by the people allow for the regulation of building, transportation, etc. we all know what the government does, and all of these services help keep us in cooperation within the borders of our country.

Beyond the services that are provided to us it should be obvious that the government could be doing other things for us that they are not, and could do so without stepping over the borders of privacy that we (for good reason I think) hold dearly. Many of these services are constantly being brought to the forefront of political discussion including universal health care, welfare reform, increased funding of primary and secondary schooling. These systems however seem to be pushed aside without much attention being applied at all. Privately it seems that the people in power are probably laughing at our meager attempts at getting our money distributed in the way that we want.

The point that I have been trying to make, using far to many words is that this republic style voting is never going to be fair. Possibly if there was a chance of 10 or 20 candidates for each election it would be more fair but they would seemingly all be about as far apart politically as the two that we have now. It seems that we would be better off voting for the tool of these politicians we must half-heartedly put into office. This tool is of course as I said before money, money is the single most important tool to any politician. If we as citizens could just gain control of where we wanted our tax money to be spent we would enormously increase our power as democratic citizens. Voting could be completed after the general elections in which each citizen gave their input for each of the taxes that they pay (local, state, federal) as to what proportions they wanted where. It would be an enormous undertaking to figure out the percentages in the end, but would it not be worth it in order voice your own opinion on the country and the world rather than the person's whom you voted for?

This system would of course not be perfect, in a perfect system everyone would be satisfied but unfortunately at least with current knowledge that is impossible. It does however bring up the power of the minority and allow it a loader voice than that of a single speaker on a soap box or as this new generation seems to take....blogs....

All of this talk of money really does make me sick though, you know?

Friday, August 25, 2006

Pride Will One Day Kill Us All

The American flag is supposed to be a direct symbol of America, that's why people put so much crappy pride into it. That's stupid. It's a piece of cloth people, get over it. Beyond this fact however i have repeated it here many times, there is yet another little quark about this symbol. It's a horrible symbol of America! Red for blood, white for purity, blue for justice. Purity, justice? Am I hearing this correctly? This corporate whore that we call America. I elect that we create a better symbol for this great democracy. Since we are none to shy on the blood concept I think this attitude calls for a plain all red flag, with maybe a nice backdrop of an IRS form 1040. Kind of a nice positive symbol that says “we'll suck you dry of your money while making you kill, for as long as you can keep from dieing yourself”

As for the way that we must treat our flags in order to not get dirty looks from old WWII vets, this does not symbolize the way America works either. If we treated the symbol of America like we treat the people of America we would have to drop it on the ground, kick it, scuff it, burn its corners, rip it, never fix it, and leave it to rot into oblivion. I will treat that piece of cloth with respect when this country starts respecting itself and other countries. When people aren't unnecessarily hungry and sick in the world's most prosperous country. When people are equal and the poor don't have to work themselves to death trying to get themselves a piece of the pie when the rich already have the whole thing. When color stops mattering and true personal compatibility takes over. When the lying and deception from the people we set to protect us stops, and when the misappropriation of funds gets changed from making bombs to kill children to making food to feed children.

That's bare minimum. I shouldn't be worried about how my government is going to ruin the lives of my friends, family and I everyday, I should be wondering how my government is going to help me tomorrow. Remember? The government we put in place here was to protect and serve us, not the other way around.

Pride is their tool. It is how they get us to do the unthinkable. Our military is filled with men and women who have killed tons of innocent people. Most wouldn't kill people here at home, but feel that its ok that they are doing it for their country. How does this country deserve the right to kill innocent people anymore than each of us does individually? I really don't think it does, but the stronger the pride in this establishment, the more people are willing to put there lives at risk doing the unthinkable, and that's disturbing to me. I'll hold my pride thank you very much.

I fear nothing more than pride, as it has seemingly infinite control over us.

P.S For the statement “America's society is great it's the government that is fucked up” which I will almost certainly get from someone. I would like to say this, that's a lie. Americas society it largely made up of racist pride-filled jerks. I'll give society a 40% approval rating. I'll give the government a 1% for those random good things that accidentally slip through the legislature.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hey carny this ride sucks give me my money back

I don't mean to get all depressive on here, but I'm going to anyways. This topic also has very little to do with what I write this blog for, but then again maybe it has to do with everything in this blog. You see I'm setting off on my 16th year of formal education, very close to being finished with a part of my life that has taken up 75% of my life to date. I just can't help but as why? And I mean about fucking everything!

Why do we work 8+ hours a day? Why do we train for 17 years just to do it? Why do we work more than 50 years of our lives away? We continue to build up our lives more and more with increasing amount of refinements that which we consider necessities, but at what cost? Do we have time to enjoy them before we die? Its like getting your very own puppy and not ever playing with it. What's the point? Many of us will spend most of our lives working to pay for a house that we can call our own. Why should we? After a hard days work you have merely a few hours to enjoy that house and the rest of the time is spent sleeping in it. You can sleep in a shed. Why bother?

People are living longer! Oh are they? I see tons of obesity, drug dependency, and diseases that continue to become stronger? How much longer do you think we can hold out this living longer trend? Theres already prediction that it will go the other way in a matter of a couple generations. Life will get shorter, and its already to short. We're killing ourselves to lavish ourselves to death. The longer we work the shorter our lives will become. You can work from the stroller to the wheelchair. It's life!

Speaking of death and destruction and the premature death of us all, how about that little game we like to play where we just go out and kill each other? I wouldn't mind if that stopped. Life is short enough without getting your brain blown out with an M-16. Eighteen year old kids in War deserve to die about as much as Star Jones deserves another piece of cheese cake. Now I'm off topic...fuck you....

Basically what I'm saying is death sucks, but not living life sucks harder. But do we even have the chance to live life, or are we just living under an illusion of what is really good for us?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fucking Think for Yourself

I've been on this topic lately called religion, its been floating around in my head a lot and at times spewing out of my mouth like fire. It's occurring to me that my hatred for organized religion which I find to be growing in me more and more every day is actually only a side effect of a bigger dilemma I see this world in. I think I would actually consider this problem and epidemic. The problem is faith, not just any faith because we all have some otherwise we'd have put the guns to our heads long ago, my problem however lies with a special kind of faith. Blind Faith. From now on this should be called "faith for idiots."

Faith for idiots consists of sitting at home reading your book, be it the bible, the Koran, or any other holy book and believing every possible thing in there with no questions asked. Correct your mom and dad and pastor and religion teacher all seem to be really nice people, but did you ever consider thinking outside the box? Possibly considering other people ideas comparing them with the ones of your religion, maybe formulating your own? Personal hatred can stem out of peoples inability to see outside of the church, that is not a newsflash.

The problem is, is that there is no perfect religion. Every one has contradictions within itself and each is made out of fallible people which make up a fallible network. If for instance Islam had all the answers everyone would be a Muslim, it only makes sense if all of the puzzle pieces fit together it would be stupid not to be one. Unfortunately Muslims don't have all the answers and neither does anyone else, I know I don't have them but I'm satisfied with that. Reading one book and feeling that you have all the answers makes about as much sense as listening to one person talk, who happens to be in the kkk who tells you "niggers is bad" and you going out and spreading the word around to the whole world. You have to think for yourself first, why are they so bad, do I have any evidence? Hmm just an afterthought.... kkk:blacks, Christianity:gays?

Mahatma Gandhi once said when he was asked if he was a Hindu "Yes I am, I am also a Christian a Muslim a Buddhist and a Jew." Gandhi realized the core values in all of these religions were the same, love and peace. Therefore he realized that fighting between two religions that have the same values is retarded. All religions can be right and all can be wrong simultaneously. Your faith doesn't have to be the same as your best friend, nor your spouse. Faith is a personal thing, but for the sake of the sanity of the world, believe what YOU feel is right not what one books says. Explore, ponder, consider, and be willing to evolve, and lastly stop fucking asking me when the last time I went to church was!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

An Unquestioned Democracy Will Inevitably Become Tyrannical

I will never call myself a patriot because I never plan on swearing allegiance to any country, unless of course the perfect one comes along. On the other hand I find it ironic when I am called unpatriotic when I bash the workings of this country. I have a hunch that the flag waving, parade watching, anthem singing super patriots are missing a very important part of what makes up "being patriotic"

Sure anyone could blindly follow a government and feel that it is doing everything just perfectly, but we all know that its not true. Humans are fallible and they will never be perfect, and when you put these humans into a government they tend to be even less perfect. There are a lot of things about the American government that are just plain fucked up, but at the same time we have some pretty cool privileges that come along with the package too. One of these being the right to free speech, even in elementary school the most one sided conservative peace of shit teaching establishment ever, I learned that if I wanted to call the president a goon I could because I have that right. That is not completely true however when society tries to bring itself together so strongly that exercising that free speech becomes unpatriotic.

I hear all the time "what's the problem with Bush wiretapping phones, If you don't do anything wrong there's nothing to worry about" The problem is that it's your right to privacy that they are infringing on. The more you allow them to do this the more rights they will try to take away. We only have so many rights separating us from fascism, do we really want to be like Nazi Germany? Is that really the direction that we want to head towards? I want more rights, not less and I fight for them.

I can't help but think that the more civil rights that you exercise on a regular basis the stronger a patriot you are. I once read on a bumper sticker that "the highest form of patriotism is descent" and I can't say that I disagree. Descent simply means questioning, questioning if things we are doing are morally right, and if they're not, fighting to get it changed. That's what democracy is. Democracy may not be the all time, answer to all our prayers, perfect system but it just might be the best thing we can do right now. We can choose to use it, or lose it, I choose to use it.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Don't get sick, capitalism says you can suck its left nut.

The other day I was blessed with an infection in my eye. I can't say enough that I am glad that I still get health insurance from my parents. I do feel horrible however about the poor bastards that don't have it, and worried as I only have a couple years before I have to get my own. Health care in this country is so fucked up, I know I've said it before but this infection was a prime example of how capitalism is killing the American people. The doctor I saw prescribed to me medicated eye drops, two tiny little bottles of medicated eye drops 5 milliliters a piece. The grand total for these pieces of crap that in the end did no more than saline solution...$168. I can't even imagine if this was actually a medicine that I absolutely needed and didn't have insurance. I decided to crunch the numbers to find out how ridiculous this price actually was. At $168 that is $16.80 per milliliter, put into terms of 20oz mountain dews thats a $9,928.80 bottle. Somebody is making too much money and it is making my brain bleed. It goes like this folks, the pharmaceuticals raise there prices, so the insurance companies raise their rates, so employers drop their policies and the employees have to pay for the full prices of medicine, or they die. Greed doesn't work for everyone, there's always a losing side, and they have children that need to eat too.

I've heard the argument over and over about why America's capitalist economy is the best system that there could ever be. Unfortunately I must be dumb or something because I can not for the life of me understand how that could be. If its so high and mighty why is it that some people don't have to ever use the same toilet for 2 shits in a row but other people can't afford to eat? It's not that the poor person isn't working as hard, they're actually probably working much harder. So how is it justified that the basic principle of capitalism, that you earn more money the harder you work, doesn't even begin to work out?

My oh so favorite quote as for why capitalism is the best will always be that “it is the best economic method because it uses people's inner most pull, greed.” I was told by my high school economics teacher that greed rules the world, and without it humans would still be living in caves. I can't argue with that, but at the same time I think its important to point out that if we didn't also have the ability to control our greed we would still be eating our young. Greed might very well be a central part of our minds as humans but we have also evolved quite a ways since our caveman days. Just like the Geico commercials point out, cavemen are stupid, should we really be basing the system that allows us get food and medicine on a cavemanian way of life? Do you think maybe we should be looking to evolve a little bit, maybe towards not allowing the children of our human race to starve? I'm not to keen on competing for anything, especially when its resources that sustain the lives of people. There's is plenty to go around if we can just learn to share.

Sharing and Caring it can be fun.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

There's a state named South Dakota? HA! news to me...

Well I guess there is, and boy are they trying to fuck things up. Abortion. Abortion. Abortion. Oh what a hot topic, I hate talking about it myself because its misuse even makes me sick. However a few misuses can not be constued into a total failure of a quite beneficial system. In most cases the fetuses that are being destroyed a being saved from a not so great life because their mother was not ready for them. Abortion isn't birth control, but it is a backup if birth control fails. As I have said before telling teens not to have sex makes about as much sense as telling them not to eat, its not going to work and they're probably going to die if it does.

My main problem with the pro-life movement is that the main power house still lands in the hands of the males. Ya know the 50% of the population that will never experience childbirth, or have to worry about it. Thinking completely selfishly men can easily say that all conceived children must be birthed but thinking selfishly has never really worked out that well. Women play an extrordinarily important job in our society and because they do not have as strong a hold on the political arena, the men making these laws need to take into consideration the needs and wants of them. Yes I realize there are women in the government, don't fuck with me.

As for not making an exception for women who are victims of rape I can very easily become angry. I ask supporters of stringent no-exception right to life programs, how would you like it if a man tied you down and injected his parasite into you? A parasite? Wow did I go too far? I think not, an unwanted child, who was created by force, who will now feed off and deteriorate your body for 9 months and then depend on you for moral, phycological and financial support for upwards of 20 years. Its hard to take on that responsibility when you planned on it, let alone love a child that was concieved through hate. You "no-exceptions" assholes need to open your fucking eyes.

The idea of Abortion sickens me but the idea of lives being ruined because parents are not ready sickens me even more. Children learn by example and if they are conceived when their mom was 12, chances are their sex life will start off early too. That's the facts, besides the fact that immature parents who don't know right from wrong themselves will have a very hard time teaching these things to their child. I think the saying "If you can't trust me with a choice, how can you trust me with a baby" says it all.

Next chapter:
What happened in America before Abortions were made legal? Oh thats right they occured anyways only more dangerously and mothers bled to death often when they had them done. Just because somethings illegal doesn't mean it stops, it just gives you assholes a clear conscience because you're not allowing it anymore. A clear conscience while mom and baby are now dieing together. Well good thing your ticket to heaven is golden stamped, or is it?

Ain't it funny that the people who want financially insecure mothers to have their babies are the same people who want to cut funding to help them out?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

We'll be laughing at you all the way to your grave

NEWSFLASH: The Muslims are not ignorant mountain gorillas. I know that might come as a surprise to some, but for real, they are people just like you and me.

Recently there has been a lot of commotion over some Dutch cartoons of the prophet Mohammad with a bomb strapped to his head. The Muslims are pissed, and the rest of the world is laughing at them because of their 'ignorant' reaction to it.

To start off, it goes without saying that to kill over a cartoon is just plain stupid, to kill over just about anything is stupid, but comedy is about the worst. I don't support the riots, the blood or the death that is occurring in reaction to this in the least, but I do want to point out a few things that I feel are necessary to understanding this situation. First of all we in the western world are used to making fun of each other on a daily basis. We use comedy in a way to smooth uneasy situations and differences we have over. The Arabs don't necessarily have this custom that we have grown into for generations. We listen to racial comedy on an almost daily basis now, it has been taking this country by storm. I wholeheartedly support this use of humor to help bring people together, if we are laughing about our differences we are less apt to hate each other for them. With our history I'd say that it's more easy for us to "take a joke" than it is for them.

We also have a diverse religious background here which has exposed us to ridicule from other religions and non-believers. The Muslim religion is by far the most prominent religion in all of the Arab countries (yes there's different sects, but they are very similar). They are just not as used to people who would have unfriendly thoughts about their prophet.

It does however deserve to be brought up that people in America would be significantly outraged if a horrible cartoon was created depicting for instance Jesus performing an abortion. Fucking with peoples beliefs tends to bring outrage to a new level. I would not be surprised if a cartoon posted at the "right time" could spark huge protests or even riots even in this so comedy oriented place we call America. If we look over at Iraq right now, I think we could conclude that it is the "right time" for a riot to take place. They have been destroyed by a country of mostly non-Muslims. I bet there's a little bit of anger stored up in these folks...

I have rambled on for far too long, but in short I ask take a minute to think about the circumstances before you consider a whole people barbarous, and don't forget to take a look at yourself either, you might just find the same faults there.

I hate hate.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

If I find a government anal probe in me, I'm going ape shit on someone

What's the big deal if the NSA is spying on american citizens? If you're not doing anything wrong there's nothing to be worried about.

Well I'll tell you what is fucking wrong with that, for starters who gets to decide what "wrong" is? For instance I'm pretty sure protesting the government is a pretty acceptable practice, it being stated in the Bill of Rights and all, but it seems to me that the government is not a big fan of it. What if they decide that protesting the government is wrong? If they do they have full right to investigate anyone that is protesting them. I suppose that doesn't matter though anyways since its already being done.

The problem is folks is that we can't just allow them into our house to sleep on our civil liberties couch because when we're not paying attention they're going to become "the guy" they're gonna get real comfortable on that couch and they're not gonna leave. Next thing we know they're gonna take control of the civil liberties remote, eat all the civil liberties in the fridge and stink up the civil liberties bathroom. It's not gonna be good. In all seriousness though every time we allow the government to step on another civil liberty (sick of the term yet?) we take another step towards fascism. That's not my cup of tea and I would hope that it isn't yours either. I'd rather be the judge of what I want to share about my life, I don't want a spy satellite watching me pee. In fact if I knew this was happening I'd be in trouble because I get serious stage fright, but that's not here nor there.

So no matter what your president says about "fishing with a very small net" don't fucking believe him. If they're only spying on people that have ties to al qaeda (which may I add, nice name drop by the president to get people all worked up. Apparently al qaeda is the only group of bad guys around now) then why is their evidence of them spying on peaceful protests around the country lately? Why is it only us, the citizens that have to follow the laws?

One of the foundation principles of Democracy (Republicanism) is that there can be no one above the law, even those that create the laws. Unfortunately ours is failing.