Friday, December 23, 2005

The good ol' days SUCKED

I'm talking to my buddy Dan from work the other day (by buddy i mean person i usually can't stand but when I'm completely alone with him I'm forced to talk to him) he explained to me that my opinions were "wrong" and that as I grew older I would change and ya know become "conservative". After screaming at him "shut up FUCKER!" about five times we went back to regular arguing. He claims that the ol' days were so much better because people took responsibility for there actions like not getting abortions and raising their kids when they weren't ready and stuff, ya know all that good glorifying the past stuff. I thought to myself, was the past all that great that we should be glorifying it so much? What about slavery? segregation? sexism? Were these all good things that we should wish could still be happening? I think the answer is NO even to hardcore conservatives, which brings me to my point, the past isn't perfect so stop living in it. When you look at the present with feelings of loath your probably just comparing it to a stupid glorified version of the past. Don't forget that humans are usually looking for happy circumstances and when making memories you pretty much remember what you want to. Lets be honest marriage at 18 where the man takes control and the woman cleans the house and raises the kids, basically the man's servant sounds like a great idea but hey why don't we think about the woman's task in this? Not that the job of child rearing should be at all negated as being menial, the woman should have an equal chance of being the "breadwinner" or whatever she wants. Just because she gives birth to the child doesn't mean she has to raise it alone.

Basically when looking back at the family structure of the ol' days on the surfaceit looks great, no divorce, no question on who does what, but in most cases the women are getting shafted. I think the future although having its own flaws can only be considered a step in a continuous track toward a "perfect" civilization which is in my mentality a world of people who think for themselves but are willing to work together no matter who with, black, yellow, white, or red or any combinations, male female, transgender blah blah blah for the common good of the whole. Is it such an unrealistic dream folks? A world of people who looks past physical, emotional, and psycological differences and becomes a stable society and only want the best for itself? I think not, why fight? We all live on one planet, why divide it? why not share it? Its just god damn stupid!

My intoxication stands out in this post a bit...

America... FUCK YEAH!

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