Saturday, April 22, 2006

An Unquestioned Democracy Will Inevitably Become Tyrannical

I will never call myself a patriot because I never plan on swearing allegiance to any country, unless of course the perfect one comes along. On the other hand I find it ironic when I am called unpatriotic when I bash the workings of this country. I have a hunch that the flag waving, parade watching, anthem singing super patriots are missing a very important part of what makes up "being patriotic"

Sure anyone could blindly follow a government and feel that it is doing everything just perfectly, but we all know that its not true. Humans are fallible and they will never be perfect, and when you put these humans into a government they tend to be even less perfect. There are a lot of things about the American government that are just plain fucked up, but at the same time we have some pretty cool privileges that come along with the package too. One of these being the right to free speech, even in elementary school the most one sided conservative peace of shit teaching establishment ever, I learned that if I wanted to call the president a goon I could because I have that right. That is not completely true however when society tries to bring itself together so strongly that exercising that free speech becomes unpatriotic.

I hear all the time "what's the problem with Bush wiretapping phones, If you don't do anything wrong there's nothing to worry about" The problem is that it's your right to privacy that they are infringing on. The more you allow them to do this the more rights they will try to take away. We only have so many rights separating us from fascism, do we really want to be like Nazi Germany? Is that really the direction that we want to head towards? I want more rights, not less and I fight for them.

I can't help but think that the more civil rights that you exercise on a regular basis the stronger a patriot you are. I once read on a bumper sticker that "the highest form of patriotism is descent" and I can't say that I disagree. Descent simply means questioning, questioning if things we are doing are morally right, and if they're not, fighting to get it changed. That's what democracy is. Democracy may not be the all time, answer to all our prayers, perfect system but it just might be the best thing we can do right now. We can choose to use it, or lose it, I choose to use it.


juanma501 said...

i can't remember how i got the link to your blog,but i'll tell you this, i'm fucking happy to have found it.we do need more people writting with the sole intention of speaking their mind,whatever their minds tell them....i rather read,hear one regular joe-jane's blog than a hundred political analysts who usually are so into "the game" that can't even spell honesty ...keep writting,please...

TCR said...

well thank you i love to hear feedback. praise or hatemail either way I know im doing what i set out to do