Tuesday, January 24, 2006

If I find a government anal probe in me, I'm going ape shit on someone

What's the big deal if the NSA is spying on american citizens? If you're not doing anything wrong there's nothing to be worried about.

Well I'll tell you what is fucking wrong with that, for starters who gets to decide what "wrong" is? For instance I'm pretty sure protesting the government is a pretty acceptable practice, it being stated in the Bill of Rights and all, but it seems to me that the government is not a big fan of it. What if they decide that protesting the government is wrong? If they do they have full right to investigate anyone that is protesting them. I suppose that doesn't matter though anyways since its already being done.

The problem is folks is that we can't just allow them into our house to sleep on our civil liberties couch because when we're not paying attention they're going to become "the guy" they're gonna get real comfortable on that couch and they're not gonna leave. Next thing we know they're gonna take control of the civil liberties remote, eat all the civil liberties in the fridge and stink up the civil liberties bathroom. It's not gonna be good. In all seriousness though every time we allow the government to step on another civil liberty (sick of the term yet?) we take another step towards fascism. That's not my cup of tea and I would hope that it isn't yours either. I'd rather be the judge of what I want to share about my life, I don't want a spy satellite watching me pee. In fact if I knew this was happening I'd be in trouble because I get serious stage fright, but that's not here nor there.

So no matter what your president says about "fishing with a very small net" don't fucking believe him. If they're only spying on people that have ties to al qaeda (which may I add, nice name drop by the president to get people all worked up. Apparently al qaeda is the only group of bad guys around now) then why is their evidence of them spying on peaceful protests around the country lately? Why is it only us, the citizens that have to follow the laws?

One of the foundation principles of Democracy (Republicanism) is that there can be no one above the law, even those that create the laws. Unfortunately ours is failing.


miseryhead said...

i think your opinions are not only humorous but smart and valid. you should really think about getting a degree for this kind of stuff because you could teach and be a kick ass prof.

TCR said...

thank you, im actually considering doing some writing, probably newspapers but maybe some essays or even a book or two. We'll see. Hope your life is looking up again, ill try to get out there to visit soon