Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hey carny this ride sucks give me my money back

I don't mean to get all depressive on here, but I'm going to anyways. This topic also has very little to do with what I write this blog for, but then again maybe it has to do with everything in this blog. You see I'm setting off on my 16th year of formal education, very close to being finished with a part of my life that has taken up 75% of my life to date. I just can't help but as why? And I mean about fucking everything!

Why do we work 8+ hours a day? Why do we train for 17 years just to do it? Why do we work more than 50 years of our lives away? We continue to build up our lives more and more with increasing amount of refinements that which we consider necessities, but at what cost? Do we have time to enjoy them before we die? Its like getting your very own puppy and not ever playing with it. What's the point? Many of us will spend most of our lives working to pay for a house that we can call our own. Why should we? After a hard days work you have merely a few hours to enjoy that house and the rest of the time is spent sleeping in it. You can sleep in a shed. Why bother?

People are living longer! Oh are they? I see tons of obesity, drug dependency, and diseases that continue to become stronger? How much longer do you think we can hold out this living longer trend? Theres already prediction that it will go the other way in a matter of a couple generations. Life will get shorter, and its already to short. We're killing ourselves to lavish ourselves to death. The longer we work the shorter our lives will become. You can work from the stroller to the wheelchair. It's life!

Speaking of death and destruction and the premature death of us all, how about that little game we like to play where we just go out and kill each other? I wouldn't mind if that stopped. Life is short enough without getting your brain blown out with an M-16. Eighteen year old kids in War deserve to die about as much as Star Jones deserves another piece of cheese cake. Now I'm off topic...fuck you....

Basically what I'm saying is death sucks, but not living life sucks harder. But do we even have the chance to live life, or are we just living under an illusion of what is really good for us?

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Ryan said...

brother man thats whats been on my mind lately, alot... more than you probably know. i recently came into a new job, there i start at 6 am, then get out at 1 30, then i go to school from 2pm through 7 pm, then i have enough time to go home and get shit ready for the next day, then sleep. dubya tee eff. and i work so that i can have a car, so i can get my ass to and from work, and school, and i go to school so i can get a better job, so i can keep payin for a car to get my ass to work. i think you hit the nail on the head there buddy, the nail thats 4 feet wide called society bein drivin up the sphincter of the working class. damnit all