Thursday, December 21, 2006

Death Toll, ON THE RISE

Since the Iraq study group papers came out a few weeks ago it has been the goal of democrat congressmen, senators, and journalists galore to try to get George Bush to admit, as did the papers, that we are not winning the war in Iraq. Well he finally did (kinda), in a turnaround from the November election's “Absolutely, We're winning” he now says “We're not winning, We're not losing.” First of all we must realize that George Bush is a complete idiot, I'm sure that we are exactly “tied” with the Iraqi's. Damn another CAT game! Seriously though what could not winning, not losing mean? Is it that we killed a whole lot more of them than they've killed of us, but we just can't seem to make them stop hating us, like the Vietnamese? I certainly hope so! Lets see we entered Iraq in 2003 so by Vietnam standards the US should get sick of getting its ass handed to it in about 2018. Gee by then ill be in my early thirties, aging to the far right of the spectrum and be ready to support the war!

What is more absurd is the mindset that we could have ever been winning, nor could the Iraqis. Lets be honest with ourselves we have a meat grinder in Iraq, it's top of the line, can grind up more meat than any other, unfortunately it takes about 10 billion dollars a month to power it. The Iraqis also have a meat grinder, it's older, American made left over from the cold war, its cheaper to run but can't grind up as much meat. The meat that they grind up are the bodies of the American and Iraqi soldiers. The money that they spend running the grinders is supposed to feed their people, keep them healthy and educate their children. Instead the people are hungry, dieing of disease, and the children's education is being replaced with brainwashing nationalism. Don't think that I am just describing Iraq either, these things are happening right under our noses. Our raised up to the sky, “I see no evil” American noses.

I hate to be all “wimpy” about this but it is just impossible for any winning to occur in war. I hate death counts, it's what kept American support behind the Vietnam war for so long, We were winning! Or were we? Are the Vietnamese children any different than the American children? Different from the Afghani children, Iraqi children? I bet if you put a child from each country in the world together in a room they would play as if there was no difference. How could it then be ok that we are killing children in Iraq now and setting them up for years of hardship in the future (depleted uranium, minds, bombs, weapons, general instability) when we are so hell-bent on protecting the children of this country. If a child goes missing in Indiana the whole country goes on alert looking for that child, very few of us know that child, we just care because they are an innocent being and they deserve to live. How are Iraqi children any different? They are born into the world just like ours are, born ignorant of the worlds problems and prejudices. Ignorance is not only bliss in the eyes of children it should be a picture of God to us.

“Its going to take a while for the ideology of liberty to triumph over the ideology of hate”- Bush, speaking to press encouraging support of another permanent expansion of the military. Are we really going to be able to teach people out of the habit of hate with the use of hate? This really does put the final piece into the puzzle. Bush has now lived up to Reagan's prestige as the worst president ever. Economics, corruption, ignorance, and war mongering....

In an effort to try to be more legal about this blog the title is a lyric from a song by The Casualties. The random quotes throughout are from these news articles on truthout, Pentagon wants $99.7 billion more for wars and Bush calls for larger military

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