Monday, November 27, 2006

Right to Life.

Fox News: Military Draft: Good for stock market and good for America!
I shit you not, this was the title of a show that I saw while watching the new. They were comparing world war II to the present and showing that the draft did such a good job back in the 40's raising the economy, why not do it now?

Why not? Ahh, seriously you can't figure out why we shouldn't start up the DRAFT again? Am I living in a nation full of fucking idiots? (Yes) Here's an important question, is it good for the 18-24 year olds who are actually going to be drafted? The answer of course is yes! You will get a yes from many, many old men who have been in the military before, they say that its a great learning experience, that you will never find anywhere else. Just out of curiosity how much did the draftees learn that died in combat in World War II? For those that did have time to learn something, how much did it matter after all of their blood was spilled out of their bodies and their hearts stopped beating? It is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. For those that choose to do it, its just that, its their choice. For those that have been tricked into it after being fed lies, I'm sorry. As for forcing us young people to put our lives on hold and in horrifying danger, to fight a war that has nothing to do with us, No thank you.

I would love a chance to tour the world, see some new views and learn some new cultures. I just don't want to take part in the destruction of these things while I'm doing it. Can't I just do what I want to do in this country? They've restricted us enough already, the “free country” slogan makes me laugh. Most of us can't afford an education without going deeply into debt. Kids get tortured with tasers because they don't whip out their ID immediately when they're not doing anything wrong anyways. Their satellites can probably see us through our roofs now. Re-instating the draft would just be the keystone to it all, we would formally have no rights left. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Those are all really hard to do when your body explodes because of a car bomb.

Granted it is very unlikely that the draft will be re-instated, but what if it really was. What would happen? The protesters in the sixties did an impressive job the last time the draft was in effect, but the movement slumped into a pile of garbage because most of the protesters were doing too many drugs to remember what they were fighting for. Could we even hold out as well as they did? There certainly doesn't seem to be any unity today, and this shit is getting pretty bad already. If our situation gets worse will the young people of this country band together against these fascist policies, or are we all just too brainwashed from too many years of booze and conservatism? I am trying not to lose faith, but if something like the draft went down, I would be very worried...

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