Tuesday, March 14, 2006

There's a state named South Dakota? HA! news to me...

Well I guess there is, and boy are they trying to fuck things up. Abortion. Abortion. Abortion. Oh what a hot topic, I hate talking about it myself because its misuse even makes me sick. However a few misuses can not be constued into a total failure of a quite beneficial system. In most cases the fetuses that are being destroyed a being saved from a not so great life because their mother was not ready for them. Abortion isn't birth control, but it is a backup if birth control fails. As I have said before telling teens not to have sex makes about as much sense as telling them not to eat, its not going to work and they're probably going to die if it does.

My main problem with the pro-life movement is that the main power house still lands in the hands of the males. Ya know the 50% of the population that will never experience childbirth, or have to worry about it. Thinking completely selfishly men can easily say that all conceived children must be birthed but thinking selfishly has never really worked out that well. Women play an extrordinarily important job in our society and because they do not have as strong a hold on the political arena, the men making these laws need to take into consideration the needs and wants of them. Yes I realize there are women in the government, don't fuck with me.

As for not making an exception for women who are victims of rape I can very easily become angry. I ask supporters of stringent no-exception right to life programs, how would you like it if a man tied you down and injected his parasite into you? A parasite? Wow did I go too far? I think not, an unwanted child, who was created by force, who will now feed off and deteriorate your body for 9 months and then depend on you for moral, phycological and financial support for upwards of 20 years. Its hard to take on that responsibility when you planned on it, let alone love a child that was concieved through hate. You "no-exceptions" assholes need to open your fucking eyes.

The idea of Abortion sickens me but the idea of lives being ruined because parents are not ready sickens me even more. Children learn by example and if they are conceived when their mom was 12, chances are their sex life will start off early too. That's the facts, besides the fact that immature parents who don't know right from wrong themselves will have a very hard time teaching these things to their child. I think the saying "If you can't trust me with a choice, how can you trust me with a baby" says it all.

Next chapter:
What happened in America before Abortions were made legal? Oh thats right they occured anyways only more dangerously and mothers bled to death often when they had them done. Just because somethings illegal doesn't mean it stops, it just gives you assholes a clear conscience because you're not allowing it anymore. A clear conscience while mom and baby are now dieing together. Well good thing your ticket to heaven is golden stamped, or is it?

Ain't it funny that the people who want financially insecure mothers to have their babies are the same people who want to cut funding to help them out?

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