Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Survival of the fattest?

It was once thought by population experts that by this time the amount of food produceable on earth would be far surpassed by what was needed by the exponentially growing population. It turns out that through the use of science, food production has actually remained in step with the continued growth in population.

On a slightly unrelated subject there is one main reason that world trade and globalization have shown so much success in the twentieth century compared to previous centuries. That reason is that "The world is shrinking" or in more literal terms innovations in transportation have made world travel a nightmare of the past. It is no longer a problem to manufacture something in one part of the world and ship it all the way over to the opposite side.

So can someone please fucking explain this to me?

Just think... Everyday the world is becoming more open to free markets. For every fat kid, how many kids starve to death in countries who can't keep up? Survival of the fittest is for animals, not us.
P.S the photographer of the second picture commited suicide shortly after returning to the states. I wonder why.


Anonymous said...

at least the buzzard wont be hungry!! nature at its best!!

Anonymous said...

this is sooo sick and wrong. Im in middle school and I watch fat kids laugh with their food stuffed in their faces and it just makes me sick. think of all the extra food that americans eat that they dont need, I mean it could help all those poor kids in africa but instead they stuff themselfs like selfish pigs. Who has a choice anyway!! I came from europe (poland) and excpected to come to ,as i was told, the place to be, but I would trade everything to go back to the delicious healthy lunches and the respect!! It disgusts me!

Anonymous said...

What a depressing photo, I have been seeing pictures of African children dying of malnousrishment since the 1970's, I wonder why we keep seeing children dying of hunger in our present time. Really stupid and depressing.