Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fascism, Ignorance, and Religion

In Italy and Germany before WWII there were no questions. What Hitler or Mussolini said was right, duh. People were murdered by the millions, lands were concurred, armies were built up larger than ever seen before, police states were created. There were to be no questions.
In religion class I was taught to have faith, everyone was unsure sometimes, but I should have full faith in God. If you question the bible you are a sinner. It is against the very moral fabric of religion to question that religion.

I hope it's not to hard to find the similarity between these two stories. Religion is Fascist. It's a disgusting institution that has been built around keeping itself alive because it falls short of the very thing that it promises. Religion is supposed to give us the answers to the questions of the world. It doesn't, it give us the answers to the obvious things and tells us the rest either isn't important, or maybe that we'll find out after death. Great, that'll do the world a lot of good now won't it. So since religion doesn't do what it is supposed to, in it had to be created a self-protection mechanism so that people get mad if you ask questions.

If we don't ask questions we don't learn. If we accept the answers from yesterday we don't learn more. Without a constant quest for truth the world becomes stagnant and hateful. If we are going to have a chance we can't be held back by these old ideologies. We no longer think that the world is flat but we feel that without marriage a couple shouldn't be living together. And god-forgive that couple be of the same sex!

Religion is a haven for ignorance, choke on that when you're wearing you expensive easter dresses with your pretty flower hats, so you can “impress god.” The world is having a hard time stepping forward with ¾ of the population standing with their heads up their asses.

Fuck your easter.


Anonymous said...

Do you honestly believe that the best way to approach the issue of people blindly following corrupt and blatantly wrong leaders is to attack religion? Maybe you have some sort of underlying hate of your religion or how you were brought up, but to knock down religion itself and anybody who believes in it is fascist in its own right. You can be as leftist as you want, but when it comes down to it, you are criticizing people for having a belief that you happen to not agree with. That is just as wrong as the people you are pointing your finger at. You pride yourself on finding the shortcomings of our government but in that attempt, you come off just as bogus and irrational as a lot of our officials. You are no better than them, you just go in an opposite direction because you think that is what America really needs. In reality, one extreme is no better than the other. It's time you realize just how blind you are to your own stupidity.

TCR said...

Well no. Admittedly this is one of my more juvenile posts, by this I mean lots of anger not so much explanation or understanding. That happens sometimes. My argument against religion is also partially separate from my issue of following leaders blindly. It is actually against the concept of following others' truth blindly. I am criticizing people for resting on someone else's beliefs rather than seeking their own. I truly feel that religion is a step backwards and I stand by it. It is not fascist to strive for truth, it is quite opposite. I am at least no more stupid than you are. And lastly if you could, please refrain from calling me "leftist" or say I am "just going in an opposite direction because i think that is what America needs" If you think that I'm that stupid and predictable please don't bother to read my posts anymore. If you don't feel that way and can respect me as having an opinion(be it the same/ similar/ or different than yours) that is up to your standards then I would love to continue to have you as a reader, encourage your comments, and would love to read anything that you have. Good day. TCR